Important Safety Information - Electrolux EKM 6717 X Instruction Booklet

Mixed-fuel cooker
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Important safety information

This warnings has been given for the safety of you and others. We therefore ask you to carefully read the procedures of
installing and using this cooker.
The work of installation must be carried out by
competent and qualified installers according to the
regulations in force.
Any modifications to the domestic electrical mains
which may be necessary for the installation of the
appliance should be carried out only by competent
Ensure a good ventilation around the appliance. A poor
air supply could cause lack of oxygen.
This appliance is not connected to a combustion
products evacuation device. It must be installed and
connected in accordance with current installation
regulations. Particular attention shall be given to the
relevant requirements regarding ventilation.
The use of a gas cooking appliance results in the
production of heat and moisture in the room in which
it is installed. Ensure that the kitchen is well venti-
lated: keep natural ventilation holes open or install a
mechanical ventilation device (mechanical extractor
Prolonged intensive use of the appliance may call for
additional ventilation, for example opening of a win-
dow, or more effective ventilation, for example increas-
ing the level of mechanical ventilation where present.
Avoid installation of the cooker near inflammable
material (e.g. curtains, tea towels, etc.).
Supply the appliance with the type of gas stamped
on the relevant adhesive label situated in the imme-
diate vicinity of the gas connection tube.
The appliance has to be placed on the floor and it
cannot be placed on a base.
Child Safety
This appliance has been designed for use by adults.
Take care, therefore, that children do not attempt to
play with it.
The appliance remains hot for a long time after being
switched off. Supervise children at all times, paying
attention that they do not touch surfaces or remain
in the vicinity of the appliance when in use or when
not completely cooled.
During Operation
This product is intended for the cooking of food and
must not be used for other purposes.
It is dangerous to modify, or attempt to modify, the
characteristics of this appliance.
The appliance becomes very hot with use, and retain
their heat for a long period after use. Care should be
taken to avoid touching heating elements inside the
Always stand back from the oven when opening
the oven door during cooking or at the end of it
to allow any build up of steam or heat to release.
Unstable or deformed pans should not be placed on
the burners or plates in order to avoid accidents
caused by upsetting or boiling over.
Particular care should be taken when cooking with
oil or fat.
If the appliance is fitted with a cover, its function is to
protect the surface from dust when closed and to ac-
cumulate splashes of grease when open. Do not use
for other purposes.
Always clean the cover, if present, before closing.
Leave the burners and/or plates to cool before closing
the cover (if present).
All the covers (if present), in plate glass or enamel,
are removable to facilitate cleaning.
Always ensure that the knobs are in the « »
(Stop) position when the appliance is not in use.
Always insert the dripping pan when using the grill or
when cooking meat on the grid. Pour a little water
into the dripping pan to avoid grease burning and
creating unpleasant smells.
Always use oven gloves to remove dishes from the
The oven accessories should be washed before using
for the first time.
Take care when using cleaning products in spray
form: never direct the spray onto the resistance or the
thermostat bulb.
If, when placing food in the oven, or when removing it,
a large quantity of oil, juice, etc. spills onto the
bottom of the oven, re-clean before starting to cook
to avoid unpleasant smoke and also the possibility
of these substances catching fire.
For reasons of hygiene and safety this appliance
must always be kept clean. A build up of grease or
other food can cause fires.
This appliance cannot be cleaned with steam or with
a steam cleaning machine.
The holes on the bottom of the oven must never be
obstructed. Do not cover the sides of the oven with
aluminium foil, in particular the lower part of the
The appliance is heavy, move it carefully.
Before maintenance and cleaning disconnect the
appliance and allow to cool.
To facilitate ignition, light the burners before
placing pans on the grid. After having lit the
burners check that the flame is regular.
Always lower the flame or turn it off before removing
the pan.
Ensure that the oven grids are inserted correctly.
If there are self-cleaning panels they should only be
cleaned with soap and water (see cleaning
Only heat-resistant plates may be placed in the
drawer situated under the oven.Do not put
combustible materials there.
In case of repairs, do not attempt to correct yourself.
Repairs carried out by unqualified persons can cau-
se damage. Contact an authorized Technical
Assistance Centre and insist an original spareparts.