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Husqvarna DS 50 Gyro Operator's Manual page 11

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safety Instructions
The object of this manual is to help you use this equipment more safely and to give you information about how maintenance
is carried out. The equipment is designed for use in industrial applications by experienced operators. Read through the
instructions carefully before you try to use the equipment.
If after reading the Operator's Manual you are still unsure about the safety risks associated with use of the machine, you
should not use the equipment. Please contact your dealer for more information.
These safety instructions only address the basics for safe use. It would be impossible to describe all possible risk situations
that could arise when using the equipment in the safety instructions. You can, however, prevent accidents by always using
common sense.
During the design and manufacture of Husqvarna products, great importance is placed on safety, as well as effectiveness and
ease of use. Certain points must be observed in order for the equipment to remain safe:
1. Read through and make sure that you understand the contents of these operating instructions before you use the machines
or carry out maintenance. If the operator cannot read these operating instructions, it is the responsibility of the owner to
explain them to the operator.
2. All operators shall be trained in the use of the machine. The owner is responsible for ensuring that the operators receive
3. Check that the machines are in perfect working order before using them.
4. People and animals can distract you, causing you to lose control of the machines. For this reason, you should always
concentrate and focus on the task at hand.
5. Never leave the machine unsupervised. A rotating drill bit can entail a risk of serious injury.
6. Make sure no clothing, long hair or jewellery can fasten in moving machine parts.
7. Onlookers within the work area can be injured. For this reason never start the machine unless you are sure that there are
no people or animals in the work area. Secure the work area by cordoning off if necessary.
8. Wear suitable personal protective equipment, such as a helmet, protective shoes, and eye and hearing protection.
9. Working close to power lines:
When using hydraulic tools on or close to power lines, the hydraulic hoses must be marked and approved as "non-
conducting dielectric". The use of a different type of hose can result in fatal or serious personal injuries. When replacing
hoses, hoses of the "non-conducting dielectric" type must be used. The hoses must be regularly checked for their electrical
conductive insulation in accordance with special instructions.
10. Check carefully to ensure you do not drill through any embedded live cables or embedded water pipes.
11. Working close to gas conduits:
Always check and mark out where gas conduits are routed. Drilling close to gas conduits always represents a danger.
Make sure that sparks are not caused when cutting in view of the risk of explosion. Remain concentrated and focused on
the task. Carelessness can result in serious personal injury or death.
12. Never use a damaged rig.
13. Check that the wall mountings and rail are well anchored.
14. Make sure that other people are nearby when you are drilling so that you can call for help should an emergency arise.
15. Do not use the equipment if it is not working properly.
16. Do not modify safety equipment. Check regularly that they function as they should.
17. Regulations for the prevention of accidents, and other general safety and occupational health regulations, must always be
18. Make sure that you always have first aid equipment close at hand when using the equipment.
19. Make sure you keep your hands and feet away from moving parts.
20. Keep all parts in good working order and ensure that all fixtures are properly tightened.
21. Store the machines in a locked area, where they are inaccessible to children and adults who have not been trained to
operate the machines.
22. Always check the rear of the wall/floor where the drill bit will emerge. Cordon off and make sure that no one can be
injured or materials damaged.


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