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LG 10SE3E Owner's Manual page 4

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Do not drop an object on or apply impact to the product. Do not throw any toys or objects on the product screen.
- It can cause injury to human, problem to product and damage the display.
Do not let the product fall or drop when connecting it with an external device.
- This may cause injury and/or damage to the product.
When connecting it to a game device, keep a distance of four times the diagonal measurement of the screen from the
- If the product falls because of the short cable, this may cause injury and/or damage to the product.
Leaving a fixed image on the screen for a long time may cause damage to the screen and cause image burn-in. To use
the product for a long period of time, use a screen saver on the PC or utilize the residual image prevention function on
the product, and when the product is not used, turn off the power. Burn-in and related problems are not covered by the
warranty on this product.
Do NOT install this product on a wall where there is high risk of exposure to oil fumes or mist.
- This may damage product and cause it to fall.
Make sure the product ventilation holes are not blocked. Install the product in a suitably wide place (more than 100 mm
from the wall).
- If you install the product too close to the wall, it may be deformed or fire can break out due to internal heat.
Do not block the ventilation hole of the product by a tablecloth or curtain.
- The product can be deformed or fire can break out due to overheating inside the product.
Install the product on a flat and stable place that has no risk of dropping the product.
- If the product is dropped, you may be injured or the product may be broken.
Install the product where no EMI occurs.
Keep the product away from direct sunlight.
- The product can be damaged.
If you install the product in a place that does not meet the recommended conditions, this may cause serious damage
to the product's picture quality, life cycle, and appearance. Please check with LG or a qualified installer before installing.
This caution applies to a place where there is an abundance of fine dust or oil mist, chemical substances are used, the
temperature is very high or low, the humidity is very high, or the product is likely to remain turned on for a long period
of time (airport and train station). failure to do so will invalidate the warranty.
Do not install the product in an area with poor ventilation (e.g.on a bookshelf, in a closet) or outside and avoid placing
on cushions or carpets.
In addition, do not install it where there are heating objects such as lighting equipment.



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