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LG 10SE3E Owner's Manual page 14

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Wall Mount (A x B)
Use the screws specified by VESA standards.
The wall mount kit includes the installation guide and
all necessary parts.
The wall mounting bracket is optional.
The length of the screw may differ for each wall
mounting bracket. Be sure to use the proper length.
For more information, please refer to the user manual
for the wall mounting bracket.
Unplug the power cord before moving or installing the
Device to avoid electric shock.
Installing the Device on the ceiling or on a slanted wall
may result in the Device falling off, which could lead
to injury.
Applying excessive force when tightening screws may
cause damage to the Device. Damage caused in this
way will not be covered by the product warranty.
Use the wall mounting bracket and screws that
conform to VESA standards. Damage caused by the
use or misuse of inappropriate components will not
be covered by the product warranty.
To prevent injury, this apparatus must be securely
attached to the wall in accordance with the
installation instructions. (This pertains only to
Australia and New Zealand.)
When measured from the back of the Device, the
length of each installed screw must be 8 mm or less.
Wall Mount Plate
Wall Mount Plate
Back of the Device
Screw Dimensions
: M4 x L10
Maximum 8 mm
Back of the



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