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LG 10SE3E Owner's Manual page 16

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Tips for Using USB Storage Devices
Only USB storage devices are recognized.
The USB may not work properly when it is connected through a USB hub.
A USB storage device using an automatic recognition program may not be recognized.
A USB storage device which uses its own driver may not be recognized.
The recognition speed of a USB storage device may depend on each device.
Please do not turn off the display or unplug the USB device when the connected USB storage device is working. When
such a device is suddenly disconnected or unplugged, the stored files or the USB storage device may be damaged.
Please do not connect USB storage devices which were artificially created on the PC. The device may cause the product
to malfunction or fail to play. Remember to use only a USB storage device which has normal music files, image files or
movie files.
Storage devices formatted with utility programs that are not supported by Windows may not be recognized.
Please connect power to a USB storage device (over 0.5 A) which requires an external power supply. Otherwise, the
device may not be recognized.
Please connect a USB storage device with the cable offered by the device maker.
Some USB storage devices may not be supported or operated smoothly.
The file arrangement method for USB storage devices is similar to that of Windows, and file names can be recognized
up to 100 English characters.
Be sure to back up important files since data stored in a USB memory device may be damaged. We will not be
responsible for any data loss.
If your USB storage device has multiple partitions, or if you use a USB multi-card reader, you can use up to four
partitions or USB memory devices.
If a USB storage device is connected to a USB multi-card reader, its volume data may not be detected.
If the USB storage device does not work properly, remove it and connect it again.
The speed at which a USB storage device is detected differs from device to device.
The recommended capacity is 32 GB or less for a USB memory drive.
Any device with more than the recommended capacity may not work properly.
USB storage devices (USB 2.0 or below) are also supported. However, they may not work properly in the videos list.
The exFAT file system may not work properly for USB storage devices.



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