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Installing The Wall Mount Plate; Installing On The Wall - LG 10SE3E Owner's Manual

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Installing the Wall Mount Plate

This Device meets the specifications for the wall mount
plate or other compatible devices.
Place the screen face down. To protect the screen
from scratches, cover the surface with a soft cloth.
Place the wall mount plate onto the Device and align
it with the screw holes.
Using a screwdriver, tighten the four screws to fix
the plate onto the Device.
The wall mount plate is sold separately.
For more information on installation, refer to the wall
mount plate's installation guide.
Be careful not to apply too much force while
mounting the wall mount plate as it may cause
damage to the screen.

Installing on the Wall

Install the Device at least 100 mm away from the
wall on each side of the Device to ensure sufficient
Detailed installation instructions can be obtained from
your local retail store. Please refer to the manual to
install and set up a tilting wall mounting bracket.
100 mm
100 mm
100 mm
To install the Device to a wall, attach a wall mounting
bracket (optional) to the back of the Device.
Make sure that the wall mounting bracket is securely
fixed to the monitor and to the wall.
If you use longer screws than the standard length, it
may damage the inside of the Device.
A non-VESA standard screw may damage the
product and cause the Device to fall. LG Electronics
is not liable for any accidents relating to the use of
non-standard screws.
Wall Mount (A x B)
Screw specifications
Number of screws required
100 mm
100 mm
50 x 50
M4 x L10



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