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Walgreens HL158HD Instruction Manual page 8

Wrist blood pressure monitor
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 Keep in mind that blood pressure naturally varies from time to
time through out the day and is affected by lots of different factors
such as stress, eating, smoking, alcohol consumption, medication,
and physical activity, etc.
Normally the blood pressure rises while at work and is at its lowest
during sleeping period.
 Blood pressure measurements should be interpreted by a
physician or a trained health professional who is familiar with your
medical history. Using the unit and recording the results regularly
for your physician to interpret, you will keep your physician
informed of the continuing changes in your blood pressure.
 If you have one of the circulatory problems as arteriosclerosis,
diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, severe hypertension,
professional before using the device.
 This product is not suitable for people with arrhythmias and
pregnant women.
Blood pressure measurements taken with this device are
equivalent to those obtained by a trained observer using the cuff /
stethoscope auscultation method and are within the accuracy
limits prescribed by the American National Standard for Manual,
electronic, or Automated Sphygmomanometers.
Do not use the device on infants, children, or those who cannot express their
own intention.
The device is equipped with sensitive electronic components. While
measuring, avoid strong electrical or electromagnetic fields, e.g. mobile
phones, microwave ovens, etc; or it may lead to temporary reading error or
Consider the electromagnetic compatibility of the device (ex. power
disturbance, radio frequency interference etc.) Please use it indoor only.
Over high frequency measurements may result in blood flow interference,
which is likely to cause uncomfortable sensations, such as partial
subcutaneous hemorrhage, or temporary numbness to your wrist. In general,
these symptoms should not last long. However, if you do not recover in time,
please seek your medical practitioners for help.

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