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Applying The Cuff - Walgreens HL158HD Instruction Manual

Wrist blood pressure monitor
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Applying the Cuff

 Do not place the pressure cuff over a
jacket or sweater sleeve. Wrap the
pressure cuff around the bare wrist with
the monitor facing you.
 Wrap the cuff snugly. Do not make it too tight.
 Fold the remaining part of the cuff back
out of the way.
 Leave approximately 0.4 inch (10 mm)
between the cuff and the bottom of your
hand palm.
0.4 inch (10 mm)
5.3 ~ 7.7 inch (135 ~ 195 mm)
 Do not use this device if your wrist has any wound or injury.
 Do not wrap the cuff around any body part other than your

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