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Storage And Maintenance - Walgreens HL158HD Instruction Manual

Wrist blood pressure monitor
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Storage and Maintenance

 General Use
 Do not in any way twist the cuff.
 Do not press
 Do not drop the product and avoid any strong impacts.
 Maintenance
 Use a piece of cloth with water or mild cleansing agent to wipe the
device and dry it immediately with a dry cloth.
 Do not use detergent or any strong chemicals to clean the device.
 Use only a dry cloth to wipe the cuff.
 Do not attempt to disassemble or change any parts of the monitor,
including wrist cuff, due to substitution of a component different
from that supplied might result in measurement error.
 If any suggestion or service is requested, please consult your
service station.
 Storage
 If the device is not to be used for a long time, please remove the
batteries from the device (leaking of battery acid can cause the
device to malfunction).
 Always store the unit in the storage case after use.
 Do not place the device directly under sunlight, in high
temperature, or in humid or dusty places.
 Do not store the device in extremely low (less than –13 °F/–25 °C)
and high (more than 158 °F/70 °C) temperature, nor in a place its
humidity exceeds 93% R.H.
button if the cuff is not wrapped around the

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