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Walgreens HL158HD Instruction Manual page 14

Wrist blood pressure monitor
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 Irregular Heartbeat Detector
The symbol
heartbeat irregularity was detected during measurement.
The heartbeat rhythm that is more than or less than 25% from the
average rhythm is usually defined as an irregular heartbeat rhythm.
Talking, moving, shaking or an irregular pulse during the
measurement can result in the appearance of this symbol.
Usually this is not a cause for concern, however if the symbol
appears often, we recommend you seek medical advice.
And please note that the device does not replace a cardiac
examination, but serves to detect pulse irregularities at an early
 The pulse display is not suitable for checking the frequency of heart
pacemakers. If a certain pulse irregularity is detected during measurement
often, we recommend you seek medical advice
 As a safeguard, we recommend that if you have arrhythmias such as atrial or
ventricular premature beats and atrial fibrillation or any other special
conditions you should check with your physician before using your device.
 The IHB function is not designed for use by people with arrhythmias nor for
diagnosing or treating an arrhythmic problem. In order to filter the unstable
status of user and avoid affecting the detection of heart rate from any
movement, shaking or talking in the beginning of measurement, the method of
averaging heart beat intervals of subject device is calculated with the three
proper heart beat pulses detected in the beginning of measurement and that is
different from a strict mathematical averaging of all recorded intervals.
 At least 3 beats with at least 25 % difference from the average heart beat
interval will generate the IHB icon on the screen.
will appear on screen indicating a certain

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