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Walgreens HL158HD Instruction Manual page 15

Wrist blood pressure monitor
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Bluetooth Data Transmission
HL158HD features a built-in "Bluetooth Data Transmission" function,
which enables the device automatically transmit measuring results
to paired Bluetooth device.
Bluetooth-enabled device is:
 Bluetooth 4.0 for Android 4.3 or above,
 Bluetooth 4.0 for iOS device
HL158HD is subject to and complies with electromagnetic
compatibility (EMC) standard of EN 60601-1-2,
EN 301 489-17, EN 300 328 and U.S. federal guidelines, Part 15
of the FCC (Federal Communications
devices with RF capability. These guidelines help ensure that your
device will not affect the operation of other nearby devices.
Additionally, other devices should not affect the use of your
Other wireless devices that are in use nearby, such as a cell or
mobile phone, or a wireless network, may prevent or delay the
transmission of data from your device to paired Bluetooth device.
Moving away from the source of the interference or turning off
these devices to resolve the problem.
Make sure HL158HD and paired Bluetooth device are within
acceptable distance (no more than 10 meters) with each other. If
not, put them closer.
If you plan to transmit test results to paired Bluetooth device, be
sure to select User 1 or 2 before measurements, in case other
people's results may be transmitted to your paired Bluetooth
device or included in your past results.
About Bluetooth Transmission Function
The Bluetooth transmission function might not be workable to some
Bluetooth devices because of the compatibility of Android system.
Some issues that the Bluetooth implementations on these devices
have unresolved errors. It is not because of the Bluetooth module in
blood pressure monitor is not supported.
EN 301 489-1,
Commission) rules for

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