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Walgreens HL158HD Instruction Manual page 5

Wrist blood pressure monitor
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About Blood Pressure
A. WHO blood pressure classifications:
Standards for assessment
of high or low blood pressure
without regard to age, have
been established by the World
Health Organization (WHO),
as shown in the chart.
However this chart is not
exact for classification of blood pressure and it's intended to be
used as a guide in understanding non-invasive blood pressure
measurements. Please consult with your physician for proper
B. Variations in blood pressure:
Individual blood pressures vary greatly both on a daily and a
seasonal basis. These variations are even more pronounced in
hyper tense patients. Normally the blood pressure rises while at
work and is at its lowest during sleeping period.
(hyper tense: means a person who has high blood
pressure symptom.)
The graph below illustrated the
variations in blood pressure over a
whole day with measurement taken
every five minutes.
The thick line represents sleep. The
rise in blood pressure at 4 PM (A in
the graph) and 12 PM (B in the graph) correspond to an attack
of pain.

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