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Precautions - Walgreens HL158HD Instruction Manual

Wrist blood pressure monitor
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* Do not use this manual and product as a substitute for advice,
diagnosing or treating a health problem or prescribing any
medication by your doctor. If you have a medical problem,
promptly consult your healthcare provider.
* Read the Instruction Manual thoroughly before measuring and
keep it at hand for your reference at any time.
* This device uses the oscillometric method to measure systolic
and diastolic blood pressure as well as your heart rate. It's
recommended for use by people over the age of 18 and not to be
used on infant or children.
* The device is designed for home use and not suitable for clinical
 Do not take a measurement in a low (less than 41 ℉/5 ℃) and
high (more than 104 ℉/40 ℃) temperature, nor in a place outside
humidity ranges (15% ~ 93% R.H.), or you may get inaccurate
 Wait 30 ~ 45 minutes before measurement if you've just
consumed caffeinated beverages or smoked cigarettes.
 Rest at least 5 ~ 10 minutes before taking a measurement.
 To allow your blood vessels to return to the condition prior to
taking the measurement, please wait at least 3 ~ 5 minutes in
between measurements. You may need to adjust the wait time
according to your personal physiological situation.
 We recommend you using the same wrist (preferably the left wrist)
and measuring around the same time each day.
 Sit down comfortably and place your elbow on the table with your
feet flat on the floor. Please do not cross your legs during
 Keep the device at heart level. Relax your hand with the palm
facing up.
 Perform measurements in a quiet and relaxed environment at
room temperature.
 Do not move or shake the device during a measurement. Please
keep quiet and do not talk during measurements.
 Proper cuff size is critical for accurate measurements. Follow the
instructions in this manual and printed on the cuff to ensure the
appropriate size of cuff is being used.

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