General Safety Instructions - Silvercrest SBTF 10 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth hands-free kit
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General safety instructions

• Do not attempt to open or repair the appliance. Should you do so, appliance
safety can no longer be assured and the warranty becomes void.
• Have the defective device repaired by customer service or an authorised
specialist only. No liability will be accepted for damage caused by misuse,
improper handling, use of force or unauthorized modification.
• Never subject the appliance to moisture, extreme temperatures or extreme
• Do not allow children and people subject to supervision play with the
appliance, they could injure themselves or cause damage to the appliance.
Connection to other mobile telephones
• If you wish to connect the appliance to another appliance, read the operating
instructions to obtain detailed safety instructions. Do not connect it to a product
that is not compatible.
High frequency signals in vehicles
HF signals can, under circumstances, negatively influence the function of not
properly installed or not sufficiently shielded electronic systems in vehicles,
e.g. electronic ABS, electronic tempo controllers and airbag systems. For further
information about your vehicle or its possible ancillaries make contact with the
respective manufacturer or their representative.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents