Coupling The Hands-Free Appliance With Several Mobile Telephones; Separating The Connection - Silvercrest SBTF 10 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth hands-free kit
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Coupling the hands-free appliance with several mobile
You can couple the hands-free appliance with up to eight mobile telephones.
However, it can only be connected with one mobiletelephone. If a further mobile
telephone is coupled with the hands-free appliance, the coupling information of
the first coupled mobile telephone is erased.
When the hands-free appliance is switched on, within a few seconds it attempts
to make a connection to the last used mobile phone. Should a connection not be
possible, the hands-free appliance nonetheless remains recognisable for other
mobile telephones. To use the hands-free appliance with a linked mobile phone
that is not the last used mobile phone, the connection must be made via the Blue-
menu of the mobile phone.

Separating the connection

If you wish separate the mobile telephone from the hands-free appliance, for
example, to connect it to another Bluetooth
• Switch the hands-free appliance off
• separate the connection over the Bluetooth
menu in the mobile telephone.
You need not erase the coupling with the hands-free appliance in the Bluetooth
menu to separate the connection.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents