Installing The Hands-Free Appliance In A Vehicle - Silvercrest SBTF 10 A1 Operating Instructions Manual

Bluetooth hands-free kit
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Installing the hands-free appliance in a vehicle

So that the hands-free appliance can function correctly, it is con-nected to the
vehicle cigar lighter socket and provided with electricity from there.
• Ensure that the hands-free appliance engages completely and that the
operation of the vehicle is not negatively influenced. The LED status indicator 6
blinks every 3 seconds and a short high signal tone sounds once.
The appliance is in standby mode.
It is possible that the cigar lighter only functions when the vehicle ignition is
switched on. In cases of doubt, consult the operating instructions for the
particular vehicle.
For vehicles in which the cigar lighter, resp. the vehicle circuit plug, also functions
when the ignition is switched off:
• Use the hands-free appliance only when the motor is running. Otherwise, the
vehicle batteries could become discharged over an extended period of time.
When you are not using the hands-free equipment remove it from the vehicles
cigarette lighter socket. Store it in a dry, dust free location protected from direct

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents