Silvercrest SBTF 10 A1 Operating Instructions Manual page 12

Bluetooth hands-free kit
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• To switch the device off, press and hold the multi-function button 4 for about
3 seconds. A long, low signal tone will be heard and the LED status display 6
• Position the hands-free appliance and the mobile telephone so that they are
not more than 1 metre away from each other.
• Press and hold down the multi-function button 4 for 6 seconds until, after
3 seconds a short, high signal tone and after a further 3 seconds a succes-
sion of low and high signal tones are heard. The LED status display 6 lights
up constantly and the hands-free equipment is now in the coupling mode.
• Select the hands-free provision „Car Kit" from the list of available appliances
for the mobile telephone.
• Enter in the pre-programmed passcode "9999" and then confirm it, which
couples the appliances with each other. You will hear a long high signal tone
and the LED status indicator 6 blinks every 3 seconds.
• You can now use the hands-free appliance.
If the coupling is not completed within 2 minutes, the hands-free appliance swit-
ches itself off. The LED status display 6 extinguishes and you will hear a long
and deep signal tone. With some mobile telephones it is possible that coupling
does not automatically take place. In this case coupling must be carried out
additionally on the mobile telephone. The LED status display 6 blinks twice every
3 seconds until this has been carried out. Further information can be found in
your mobile telephone's operating instructions.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents