Safety Notices; Intended Use - Silvercrest SSM 550 A16 Operating Instructions Manual

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Safety Notices

To avoid the risk of a potentially
fatal electric shock:
• Ensure that the motor block, the power cable and
the power plug are never submersed in water or
other fluids.
• Only use the appliance in dry rooms, never use
it outdoors or in moist environments.
• Make sure that the power cable never becomes
wet or damp during operation. Lay the cable
such that it does not get clamped or otherwise
• Arrange for defective power plugs and/or cables
to be replaced at once by qualified technicians
or our Customer Service Department.
• Always remove the plug from the power socket
after use. Switching off the appliance is not suffi-
cient because the appliance receives power as
long as the power plug is connected to the socket.
• Check to ensure that the appliance is in a service-
able condition before taking it into use. The ap-
pliance may not be used if there is recognisable
damage on it, especially to the motor block and
the glass mixing jug.
• Immediately remove the plug from the socket
should you hear or smell anything unexpected
from the appliance when it is in use or there is
an evident malfunction.
To avoid overheating and the
risk of fire:
• Do not use the appliance in locations with direct
sunlight or in the vicinity of heat generating ap-
• NEVER fill the mixing jug with boiling fluids or ot-
her foods!
Allow these to cool to a handwarm temperature.
Otherwise, the appliance could overheat and/
or the glass of the mixing jug could crack!
• NEVER operate the appliance when it is empty,
i.e. without ingredients in the mixing attachment.
To reduce the risk of fire or injury:
• NEVER insert your hand or fingers in the mixing
jug, especially when it is in use. The cutters are
extremely sharp!
• DO NOT open the cover when the appliance is
in operation. Should you do so, pieces of the
foodstuff could be thrown out at high speeds!
• Do not insert cutlery items or mixing tools into
the mixing jug when the appliance is in use.
There is a considerable risk of injury should these
make contact with the swiftly rotating cutters!
• In order to be able to react immediately in the
event of danger, always have the appliance
under supervision when it is in use.
• This appliance is not intended for use by indivi-
duals (including children) with restricted physical,
physiological or intellectual abilities or deficiences
in experience and/or knowledge unless they are
supervised by a person responsible for their safety
or receive from this person instruction in how the
appliance is to be used.
• Children should be supervised to ensure that
they do not play with the appliance.

Intended Use

This appliance is intended for ...
– the mixing, blending and stirring of foodstuffs
as well as the crushing of ice cubes,
– exclusively for normal domestic amounts and
only for private use in a domestic environment
in dry rooms.
This appliance is not intended for ...
– the hacking of hard foodstuffs, such as nuts,
seeds, large kernels or stalks,
– the processing of materials that are not foodstuffs,
– utilisation for commercial or industrial purposes,
– for use in moist environments or outdoors.
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