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Calculus; Differentiating An Expression - HP -28S Manual

Advanced scientific calculator.
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You can symbolically differentiate any expression for which a sensible
derivative exists. Integration is more restricted: you can compute a
inite numerical integral
for any expression, but an
exact symbolic
only for a polynomial.
This chapter contains simple examples of finding derivatives, indefi-
nite integrals, and definite integrals for expressions. For more
information about doing calculus on the HP-28S, refer to "Calculus"
in the Reference Manual.
Differentiating an Expression
You can differentiate an expression step-by-step, observing how the
calculator applies the rules of differentiation, or you can differentiate
an expression all at once. The final results are identical. In this section
you'll differentiate an expression twice, first step-by-step and then all
at once.
10: Calculus


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