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Names - HP -28S Manual

Advanced scientific calculator.
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Names are a sequence of characters used to name other objects. They
can contain up to 127 characters, although practical considerations
suggest that names be no longer than five or six characters.
The legal characters available on the keyboard are letters, digits, and
the characters
' ' ?
~ 11
V •.
The first character can't be a digit. The
following characters cannot be included in names.
• Characters that separate objects: delimiters (# [
J "
-: :
( : : . . : ; : : :;:. ), space, period, or comma.
• Algebraic operator symbols (+ -
./ · .. ···f
.f )
The calculator determines whether a name is global or local when the
command line is processed: if the name is used by a program struc-
ture to create a local variable, the name is local within that program
structure; otherwise, the name is global.
Local Names. In part 1 you wrote user functions that created local
variables. This manual used lowercase letters for the local names to
help you distinguish them from global names. It's important to re-
member that it was the command
that made the names local, not
the lowercase letters. If you name a local variable eo or
your local
definition supersedes the built-in definition.
Global Names. All the other names in part 1 were global. Examples
• Names for global variables (numerical variables used for plotting or
the Solver; all variables in the USER menu).
• Names for directories.
• Names used symbolically, without reference to specific values
(symbolic arithmetic, symbolic solutions, and calculus).
Names of commands, including eo,
can't be used as global
names. In addition, the following names are reserved for specific uses.
16: Objects
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