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HP -28S Manual Page 4

Advanced scientific calculator.
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Welcome to the HP·28S
Congratulations! With the HP-28S you can easily solve complicated
problems, including problems you couldn't solve on a calculator be-
fore. The HP-28S combines powerful numerical computation with a
dimension-symbolic computation.
You can formulate a problem
symbolically, find a symbolic solution that shows the global behavior
of the problem, and obtain numerical results from the symbolic solu-
The HP-28S offers the following features:
• Algebraic manipulation. You can expand, collect, or rearrange terms
in an expression, and you can symbolically solve an equation for a
• Calculus. You can calculate derivatives, indefinite integrals, and
definite integrals.
• Numerical solutions. Using HP Solve on the HP-28S, you can solve
an expression or equation for any variable. You can also solve a
system of linear equations. With multiple data types, you can use
complex numbers, vectors, and matrices as easily as real numbers.
• Plotting. You can plot expressions, equations, and statistical data.
• Unit conversion. You can convert between any equivalent combina-
tions of the 120 built-in units. You can also define your own units.
• Statistics. You can calculate single-sample statistics, paired-sample
statistics, and probabilities.
• Binary number bases. You can calculate with binary, octal, and
hexadecimal numbers and perform bit manipulations.
• Direct entry for algebraic formulas, plus RPN logic for interactive
Welcome to the HP·28S


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