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Activating Components - Power Probe IV User Manual

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Power Probe IV
Testing and Measuring Operations
Activating Components in VDC Mode
Activating Electrical Components in VDC Mode is one of the main features
that make the Power Probe IV very useful when testing. Being able to ap-
ply battery power or ground right to the probe tip gives you the ability to
activate and dynamically test electrical components such as lights, motors,
and solenoids.
You can power up components on the vehicle or on the bench by utilizing
the auxiliary ground lead. This type of dynamic component testing is the
only true method to verify a components correct operation. Testing a part
with a volt-ohmmeter may tell you if the part is out of spec, but you never
really know if the part is good until it is operating under power.
Pressing the rocker switch forward supplies battery power to the probe tip.
Pressing the rocker switch rearward supplies battery ground to the probe
The power output is circuit breaker protected. If the component being
tested draws too much current, or the circuit has a shorted condition, the
Power Probe IV's circuit breaker will trip protecting the tool and the circuit.
When the circuit
breaker is tripped, the
PPIV display will show
will automatically
reset itself after a few
seconds. · 800-655-3585
Pressing the rocker switch in any
other mode will not apply power
or ground and the main screen
will display a large red "X".
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