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Driver Test Mode - Power Probe IV User Manual

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Power Probe IV
Page 19
Advanced Testing Operations
Driver Testing
Driver Testing Explained:
Suppose you had a shorted solenoid that was not working. You know the solenoid will have to be
replaced, but you don't yet know if the driver circuit was damaged and you may need to also re-
place the module. You need a way to safely test the driver circuit without the component connected.
Driver Test Mode will supply a safe,current limited voltage that can be connected directly to the
module driver output.
Connect a bi-directional scan tool to the vehicle and command the circuit being tested to an "On"
state. You should see the PPIV screen respond if the driver circuit is working.
It is possible to test some driver circuits without a bi-directional scan tool, however, you will have to
know what running conditions will make the circuit you are testing switch to an "On" state and then
re-create those conditions to energize the circuit. · 800-655-3585