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Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Issued by Information and Communication mobile Haidenauplatz 1 D-81667 Munich © Siemens AG 2004 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft CF62...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety precautions ..... 3 Reject call ....... 20 Handsfree ......21 Phone overview ......5 Swap between 2 calls ..... 21 Display symbols ......8 Conference ......22 Getting started ......9 Call menu ....... 23 Insert SIM card/battery ..... 9 Direct call .......
  • Page 3 Contents MMS ......... 49 Extras ........80 Writing/ Organiser ....... 80 sending MMS messages ..49 Calculator ....... 84 MMS options ......51 Currency converter ....85 Stopwatch ......85 Receive MMS ......51 Read MMS ......52 Countdown ......86 MMS profiles ......
  • Page 4: Safety Precautions

    Keep at least 20 cm/9 inches between phone Only use original Siemens and pacemaker. When using batteries (100 % mercury-free) the mobile phone hold it to the and – charging devices.
  • Page 5 The phone may cause interfer- ence in the vicinity of TV sets, radios and PCs. Use only Siemens original ac- cessories. This will avoid poten- tial risks to health or property and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.
  • Page 6: Phone Overview

    Phone overview Phone overview Call key Dial phone number/name displayed/selected, take calls. Show last phone numbers dialled in standby mode. ª Service provider On/Off/End key 01.05.2004 10:10 • Switched off: hold down to switch on. NewMMS Menu • During a conversation or in an application: press briefly to finish.
  • Page 7 Phone overview Loudspeaker Colour Display ª Soft keys Service provider The current functions of these keys are 01.05.2004 10:10 shown in the bottom line of the display as NewMMS Menu §Text§/symbol (e.g., Input keys Ringtone • Hold down in standby mode: Switch all audible signals on/off (except alarm).
  • Page 8 Phone overview Antenna Do not obstruct the antenna unnecessarily. 2nd display Displays time, incoming calls, screensaver and certain other information when the clam- shell is closed. In addition, symbols are used to indicate the following events: ¿ Missed incoming call Ø...
  • Page 9: Display Symbols

    Display symbols Display symbols ABC/ Indicates whether upper or lower- Abc/abc case letters are active. Display symbols (selection) T9Abc Text input with T9. « Signal strength. Activated and available. ª Charging. Registered. Battery charge level, e.g. 50%. Temporarily interrupted. è Ê...
  • Page 10: Getting Started

    Getting started Getting started • Insert the battery sideways into the phone , then press down- wards until it engages. Insert SIM card/battery The service provider supplies you with a SIM card on which all the im- portant data for your line is stored. If the SIM card has been delivered in credit-card size, snap the smaller segment out and remove any rough...
  • Page 11: Charge Battery

    Getting started Charge battery Charge icon not visible If the battery has been discharged The battery is not fully charged fully the charge icon is not immedi- when delivered. Plug charger cable ately visible when the power supply into the bottom of the phone, plug unit is plugged in.
  • Page 12: Switch On, Off / Pin Entry

    Switch on, off / PIN entry Switch on, off / PIN entry Switch on/off Emergency number (SOS) Open the clamshell to gain access to the keypad. Only to be used in real emergencies! Hold down By pressing the soft key you can §SOS§...
  • Page 13: Signal Strength

    Switch on, off / PIN entry Phonebook or Addressbook You can choose whether you want to use the Phonebook on the SIM card or the internal Addressbook as stand- ard. You can copy the SIM card Phone- book to the Addressbook on the phone.
  • Page 14: General Instructions

    General instructions General instructions Menu controls The steps needed to reach a function User guide are shown in a condensed form in this user guide. The following symbols are used to For example: explain operation: To display call list for missed calls in condensed form: Enter numbers or letters.
  • Page 15: Standard Functions

    Standard functions Standard functions Highlighting mode With some applications (e.g. Phone- Option menus book) one or more entries in a list can be highlighted to perform multi- Menu functions are made available ple functions at once. in options menus. A selection of §Options§...
  • Page 16: Security

    Security Security Security Codes §Menu§ Select function The phone and SIM card are protect- PIN control ed against misuse by several security codes. The PIN is usually requested each time the phone is switched on. You Keep these confidential numbers in a can deactivate this feature but you safe place where you can access them risk unauthorised use of the phone.
  • Page 17: Preventing Accidental Activation

    If Hold down. this happens please contact Siemens Service (p. 98). Please confirm switch on Clear SIM card barring If the PIN is entered incorrectly three times, the SIM card is barred.
  • Page 18: My Phone

    Java applications ways to give it a personal touch and are available from your service pro- make it just how you want it: vider or directly from Siemens. Ring tones Service provider portal Assign individual ringtones to caller groups or for special events (p.
  • Page 19: Calling

    Calling Calling Set volume Use the top of the naviga- Dialling with number tion key to start adjusting the volume. Then press keys top/bottom to adjust the volume as required Open the clamshell to gain access (only possible during a to the keypad.
  • Page 20: If The Number Is Busy

    Calling If the number is busy Additional information Store phone no. in Address- If the called number is busy or can- book/Phonebook 29, page 32 not be reached because of network y menu§ Call menu 23 problems several options are availa- ble (depending on the service pro- §Handsfr.§...
  • Page 21: Accept Call

    Calling Accept call Reject call The phone must be switched on Open the clamshell. (standby mode). An incoming call will interrupt any other use of the §Reject§ Press. To divert call, phone. see page 69. Open the clamshell. Press briefly. Press.
  • Page 22: Handsfree

    Calling Handsfree Swap between 2 calls You can put the phone aside during Establish a second connection a call. You can then hear the caller via the loudspeaker. You can call another number during a call. Open call menu. y menu§ Hold The current call is put on hold.
  • Page 23: Conference

    Calling Conference Incoming calls during a call You may need to register for this Call up to 5 parties one by one and service with your service provider link them together in a conference and set your phone accordingly call. Some of the functions described (page 69).
  • Page 24: Call Menu

    Calling Call menu Direct call The following functions are only If this is active, only one number available during a call: can be dialled. Open menu. y menu§ Switch on Hold (page 21) §Menu§ Security Direct call Microphone If the microphone is Press.
  • Page 25: Text Entry

    Text entry Text entry Press once/repeatedly: . , ? ! ’ " 0 - ( ) @ / : _ Hold down: Writes 0. Text entry without T9 Writes blank. Press twice = Press number key repeatedly until jumps a line. the required letter appears.
  • Page 26: Text Entry With T9

    Text entry Text entry with T9 Write a word using T9 Since the display changes as you "T9" deduces the correct word from proceed, the individual key entries by making comparisons with an extensive dic- it is best if you finish a word without look- tionary.
  • Page 27 Text entry The word must be §highlighted§. Then Additional information press Set a full stop. A word is con- » again. The displayed word cluded if it is followed by a space. Within a word, a full is replaced with a different stop represents an apostro- word.
  • Page 28: Text Modules

    Text entry Text modules Correct a word Words written with T9: Text modules can be stored in the phone for adding to your messages Move left or right, word (SMS, MMS). by word, until the required word is §highlighted§. Write text modules »...
  • Page 29: Default Book

    Default book Default book Businesscard KèK Create your own business card. Select function. §Menu§ Send it as an SMS/MMS to another GSM-phone. Show entries If no business card has been created Entries in the standard directory (Ad- yet, you will be asked for your input. dressbook or Phonebook) are shown Move from field to field for selection.
  • Page 30: Phonebook

    Phonebook Phonebook Number: Always enter phone number with Entries in the Phonebook (on the SIM dialling code. card) are managed separately from those in the Addressbook. You can, Name: however, exchange data between Enter first and/or last names. the Phonebook and the Address- book.
  • Page 31: Special Books

    Phonebook <Special books> Call (search for an entry) Open Phonebook Open Phonebook. (in standby mode). Select a name with the <Special books> first letter and/or scroll. Select Number is dialled. <Own numbers> Enter "own" phone numbers in Call using record no. Phonebook (e.g., fax) for information.
  • Page 32: Phonebook Menu

    Phonebook Phonebook menu Location The following functions are availa- An entry can be moved from one ble, depending on the current situa- storage location to another. tion. Some functions may be applied SIM (Standard) to the current entry as well as multi- Entries stored in the Phonebook on ple highlighted entries: the SIM card can also be used on oth-...
  • Page 33: Addressbook

    Addressbook Addressbook Group Entries can be organised The Addressbook can store up to by groups (page 36). Se- 500 entries, each with a variety of lect with §Change§. telephone and fax numbers as well Make further entries field as additional address details. These by field.
  • Page 34: Change Entry

    Addressbook Change entry Additional information <Groups> Group functions (page 36). Open Addressbook (in standby mode). Birthday After entering the date of birth, the "reminder box" can be ac- Select required entry. tivated. You can now enter the time for the reminder. The phone will then remind you Press.
  • Page 35: Call (search For An Entry)

    Addressbook Call (search for an entry) Copy to SIM Copy entry/entries with name and selected phone Open Addressbook number to SIM card. (in standby mode). Delete Delete entry. Select a name with the first letter and/or scroll. Delete all Delete all entries after con- firmation.
  • Page 36: Voice Dialling

    Addressbook Voice dialling Voice dialling menu Depending on the actual situation, Dial numbers by voice command. Up different functions will be offered. to 20 recorded names for voice dial- ling or voice commands (page 86) §Options§ Open menu. can be saved on the mobile (not on Play Play back a voice command.
  • Page 37: Groups

    Groups Groups Group menu §Options§ Open menu. Nine groups are specified in your phone to enable you to arrange your Open Display all members of the se- Addressbook entries clearly. You can lected group. rename seven groups. §View§ Addressbook, page 33. Open Addressbook See page 34.
  • Page 38: Control Codes (dtmf)

    Groups Control codes (DTMF) You can, for example, enter control codes (numbers) for remote access to an automatic answering machine while another connection exists. These entries are transmitted directly as DTMF codes (control codes). Open call menu. y menu§ Send DTMF Select.
  • Page 39: Records

    Records Records Calls received Accepted calls are listed. Your phone stores the phone num- Calls dialled bers of calls for convenient redial- Access to the last numbers dialled. ling. Fast access in standby §Menu§ mode. Press. §Select§ Delete records The records are deleted. Select call list.
  • Page 40: Duration/charges

    Duration/charges Duration/charges Account limit (PIN2 prompt) You can display charge details and Special SIM cards allow you or the the duration of different types of service provider to define a credit calls while you speak, as well as set- or a period after which the phone ting a unit limit for outgoing calls.
  • Page 41: Alarm Clock

    Alarm clock Alarm clock §Menu§ The alarm will ring at the time set by you, even when the phone is switched off. When the clamshell is open the alarm is shown in the co- lour display; when the clamshell is closed the alarm is shown on the 2nd display.
  • Page 42: Voice Message/mailbox

    Voice message/mailbox Voice message/mailbox §Menu§ Message setup Save call divert number Voice message Calls are diverted to this phone Most service providers offer a mailbox, number. K m K in which a caller may leave a voice §Menu§ Phone setup Divert message for you e.
  • Page 43: Sms

    Confirm. The SMS is sent to §OK§ the service centre for trans- mission. The sent SMS is You can transmit and receive very saved in the "Sent" list. long messages (up to 760 characters) on your phone. They are automati- Back to create a text.
  • Page 44: Picture&sound

    Picture&sound Text options Open text menu. §Options§ Send pictures and sounds with or without accompanying text. Save Save composed text in The text input field opened ... draft list. Picture&sound Add pictures, animations Open menu. §Options§ and sounds into mes- sage (see following text).
  • Page 45: Sms To Group

    SMS to group Additional information EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) You can send an SMS message as a "circular" to a recipient group. You can use this service to send pictures and sounds in addition to (formatted) texts Open menu. §Options§ (page 43).
  • Page 46: Read Sms

    Read SMS Reply options … Open reply menu. §Reply§ Arrival of new SMS an- nounced on display Write message Create a new reply text. Edit Edit received SMS or Service provider add new text. … Answer is YES to the SMS. 01.05.2004 10:10 Menu...
  • Page 47: Lists

    Lists Phone number/URL in SMS Phone numbers in the text §highlighted§ All SMS messages are archived in dif- can be dialled or saved in the Address- ferent lists, according to their status: book/Phonebook. It is also possible to se- lect and call URLs (Internet addresses) Inbox directly and start an HTTP download.
  • Page 48: Sms Archive

    SMS archive List options Each list offers different functions: §Menu§ SMS archive The list of SMS messages stored in View View entry. the phone is displayed. Reply Answer incoming SMS …\SMS archive messages immediately. £ INBOX Mark a.unread Mark message as un- £...
  • Page 49: Sms Profiles

    SMS profiles Validity Select the period in which the period service centre is to try to deliv- §Menu§ Message setup er the message: SMS profiles Manual, hour, hours, Up to 5 SMS profiles can be set. hours, hours, day, The transmission characteristics of week, Maximum an SMS are defined in these.
  • Page 50: Mms

    Pictures and graphics that have been produced with accessories such as digital cameras can be attached in The Multimedia Messaging Service JPEG, WBMP or GIF format. See also enables you to send texts, pictures stuff, page 92. (also photos) and sounds in a com- bined message to another mobile Music is sent and received in a phone or to an e-mail address.
  • Page 51 Sound: Press §Insert§. Attach business card stuff: You can now Open menu. §Options§ select a stored melody Extras Select. (see also page 92). Scroll to Business card. new: Record new Record · tones, for sending by Attach business card. MMS only (see below). Slide duration: Attach appointment Enter length of display...
  • Page 52: Mms Options

    Text options Attributes Date:, Size:, Priority: the MMS must be shown. Open menu. §Options§ Extras Enter other features of Line feed Start new line. MMS and attach Busi- ness card Appoint- Save Save MMS text. ment. Clear text Delete the whole text. (For standard functions see page 14) Text Insert text module...
  • Page 53: Read Mms

    Read MMS Lists Automatic presentation All MMS messages are saved in four §Play§ of the MMS. Use any key different lists: to cancel. Inbox Scroll page by page with the navigation key. §Menu§ Inbox Call up individual pages The list of MMS messages and notifi- directly by number key.
  • Page 54 List options Content Selection of page contents to be archived, such as pic- Different functions are available, ture or sound. depending on the list/context. Save Store MMS in outbox list. View Show MMS Info. (For standard functions see page 14) Play Read MMS.
  • Page 55: Mms Profiles

    MMS profiles MMS relay URL, e.g. relaysrv. §Menu§ Message setup MMS profiles IP settings IP address: Enter IP-address. A number of MMS profiles can be se- lected. The transmission characteris- Port: Enter port number. tics of an MMS are defined in these. These settings can be different from those of the Select profile.
  • Page 56: Cb Services

    CB services CB services Channel: Select Open list menu. §Options§ §Menu§ Message setup If a topic is selected in the list you CB services can view it, activate/ deactivate it, Some service providers offer infor- edit it or delete it. mation services (info channels, Cell Auto display Broadcast).
  • Page 57: Ring Tones

    Ring tones Ring tones Volume Set different volumes for types of Select function. §Menu§ call/functions. You can set the tones to match your needs. Select: Calls Ringer setting Alarm On/Off Activate/deactivate all Alarm clock tones. Messages Reduce ring tone to a Beep Cell broadcast short signal (beep).
  • Page 58: Set Ring Tones

    Ring tones Set ring tones Closing tone Set signal to acknowledge closing Select function. §Menu§ the clamshell. Here you can set the ring tone sepa- Call screening rately for the call types/functions. Only calls from numbers that are in You can download new ringtones the Addressbook/Phonebook or in a from the internet via Download...
  • Page 59: Surf & Fun

    Surf & fun Surf & fun For example the start menu appears: É Í Start menu Internet browser (WAP) 1 Homepage 2§Bookmarks§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ Get the latest information from the 3 Resume Internet that is specifically adapted to the display options of your phone. Select In addition, you can download games and applications to your...
  • Page 60: Browser Menu

    Up to 50 URLs stored in the phone for fast access. Resume Call up most recently visit- ed page still in the memory. Go to... Enter URL to access WAP page directly, e.g. Select from list of most recently visited WAP addresses.
  • Page 61: Wap Profiles

    Surf & fun More ... (in menu) Additional information Í Browser menu. Profiles The list of profiles is dis- É Offline. played for activation/setting Ê (page 60). Online. Ë GPRS Online. Setup Font size Ì No network. Protocol parameters • Push Select special characters, •...
  • Page 62: Games & More

    Enter/change name. silent alert on/off 56 WAP param. Applications and games can be found at: IP address: Enter IP address. Port: Enter port number. or on the Internet at: Homepage: Enter homepage, if not set by the service provider.
  • Page 63 Surf & fun Games and applications Receive information Applications and links that are If information required, say, by an already stored on the phone are application that has already been in- ¦ found under: stalled, is received via SMS, the É...
  • Page 64: Additional Information

    Start Start application. stalled on your Java™-enabled mobile phone. Siemens excludes all warranty and liability claims Download An application is download- in respect of or in connection with any applications ed from the Internet and in- subsequently installed by the customer and any stalled.
  • Page 65: Setup

    Setup Setup Profile Setup Edit a default profile or create a new personal profile: Profiles Select profile. Several settings can be stored in a phone profile in order, for example, Open menu. to adapt the phone to the surrounding level of noise. Change sett.
  • Page 66: Display

    (except default profiles). Normal mode Carkit When you switch on your phone If a Siemens original Car Kit again, the previously set profile will (page 102) is used, the profile is acti- be reactivated automatically. vated automatically as soon as the...
  • Page 67: Text Input

    Setup Text input Screensaver See also page 25. The screensaver shows a picture in the 2nd display when a period set T9 preferred by you has elapsed. The function Activate/deactivate intelligent text is ended by opening the clamshell. entry. With code protection, the PIN must be entered when the clamshell is Input language opened.
  • Page 68: Dynamic Light

    Setup Shut down animation Contrast Select animation to be shown when Set colour display contrast. phone is switched off. Press the navigation key repeatedly to adjust up or Own greeting down. Enter greeting to be displayed after Dynamic light an animation when phone is switched on.
  • Page 69: Brightness

    Setup Brightness More light... This enables you to set the bright- Set the flash rhythm for other ness for the visual signal. functions or events: Press the navigation key Incoming messages repeatedly to adjust up or Missed event down. During sending Confirm.
  • Page 70: Call Setup

    Setup Call setup Set up call divert (example): The most common condition for call §Menu§ Call setup divert is, for example: Select function. All Unanswered Hide ID Select Unanswered. When you make a call, your phone (Includes the conditions number can be displayed on the reachable, reply, recipient's display (depending on...
  • Page 71 Setup No reply Additional information A call is only diverted after a delay Note that the divert is stored in the network that is determined by the network. and not in the phone (e. g., when the SIM The period can be set to a maximum card is changed).
  • Page 72: Clock

    Setup Phone setup §Menu§ Additional information Select function. If the battery is removed for longer than 30 seconds, the clock will be reset. Clamshell Setting date format: Set to allow calls to be answered by Day (2-digit) opening clamshell. Month (2-digit) Select Auto answer.
  • Page 73: Connectivity

    Setup Connectivity Clock §Menu§ Select function. §Menu§ Connectivity Date format Select function. DD.MM.YYYY MM/DD/YYYY GPRS Time format (General Packet Radio Service) GPRS is a new method for transmit- Select or 12h. ting data faster in the mobile net- Show clock work.
  • Page 74: Data Services

    If necessary, check with your service DNS 2: provider for details. Current settings for each service provider may be Save settings. §Save§ found in the Internet under For GPRS in the FAQ section. (General Packet Radio Service) GPRS settings Select profile. Select.
  • Page 75 Setup Send voice/fax APN: Enter service provider Set this function on the phone before address. transmission so that you can switch Login name: Enter login name. from voice mode to fax mode. Password: Enter password (shown While the connection is being set up, as a series of asterisks).
  • Page 76: Security

    Setup Security Codes control, Change PIN, Change PIN2, §Menu§ Security phonecode, (page 15). Change Select function This SIM only The phone and SIM card are protected against misuse by several security (Phone-code protected) codes. The phone can be connected to a Direct call SIM card when the phone code is entered.
  • Page 77: Master Reset

    Setup All incoming Security §Menu§ Select function The phone is barred for all incoming calls (forwarding of all calls to mail- Phone identity box provides a similar effect). The phone identity number (IMEI) When roaming is displayed. This information may You do not receive calls when you be useful for customer service.
  • Page 78: Network

    Setup Network Network info The list of GSM networks currently §Menu§ Network available is displayed. ² Select function Indicates forbidden Line service providers (depending on SIM card). This function is only displayed if it is supported by the service provider. Auto network selection Two separate phone numbers must be registered on the phone.
  • Page 79 Setup Create new entry: Network §Menu§ Select function. • Select empty line, press §Entry§, then select another entry from the User group list of service providers and confirm. Depending on service provider, you Change/delete entry: can create groups with this service. •...
  • Page 80: Accessories

    Carkit Auto answer Only in combination with an original (Factory default: off) Siemens handsfree Car Kit (page 102). The profile is activated automatically Calls are accepted automatically as soon as the phone is inserted into after a few seconds (except where the cradle.
  • Page 81: Extras

    Extras Extras Agenda Call up from the monthly §Agenda§ Note overview. Depending on your service provider, the Tue 05.10.04 menu Extras may also include Internet Games & more. See the Surf & fun <New entry> i 20:00 Cinema (page 58) column for further functions. i 13:00 Garage Organiser View...
  • Page 82 Extras Memo Reoccurrence: Text input for description. Select a timeframe for repeating the appoint- Call ment: Enter phone number. §Change§ No, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Shown with alarm. Annual. Meeting Enter a parameter for re- Text input for description. peating: Birthday §Change§...
  • Page 83 Extras Additional information Additional information Alarms set are shown in the display as For additional calendar settings, see below follows: under Calendar setup (page 84). Ö Alarm clock. Appointment with alarm acti- Ø vated. Appointments. Appointment with alarm deac- An alarm sounds even when the phone is tivated.
  • Page 84: Missed Appointments

    Extras Missed appointments Text entry options Open menu. §Options§ §Menu§ Organiser Missed alarms Line feed Enter line break. Events with an alarm to which you Clear text Delete note. have not reacted are listed for read- ing. (For standard functions see page 14) Y Missed alarms View entry j 03.10...
  • Page 85: Calculator

    Extras Time zones Calendar setup Set the time zone for your area. §Menu§ Organiser Calendar setup Select the required time zone from list ... Begin of week §Set§ … and set it. You can set which weekday is listed first on the left in the monthly and §Options§...
  • Page 86: Currency Converter

    Extras Currency converter Stopwatch §Menu§ Currency converter §Menu§ Stopwatch Calculate the exchange rates. You Two intermediate times can be can enter three currencies. recorded and saved. If no currency has yet been entered, Start/stop. press §OK§ for the first input. Intermediate time.
  • Page 87: Countdown

    Extras Countdown Record §Menu§ Voice command §Menu§ Countdown A list with the functions available is A set time elapses. The last 3 seconds displayed. are indicated by a beep. At the end a special beep sounds. Select a function. §Set§ Set period of time.
  • Page 88: Camera (accessories)

    Extras Camera (Accessories) Picture A shot (especially in high resolution) You can use the phone to immedi- requires a few seconds to be ately view, save and send photos processed. by MMS that you have taken with the "QuickPic" camera (page 103). Press.
  • Page 89: Camera Menu

    Extras Sending a photo by MMS Camera menu You can easily send a photo as an Open menu. §Options§ MMS immediately after taking it. Use flash Use flashlight (only when Open menu. §Options§ camera is plugged in) Send via MMS Full Switch to full screen mode.
  • Page 90: Sim Services (optional)

    Extras SIM services (optional) §Menu§ SIM services Your service provider may offer spe- cial applications such as mobile banking, share prices, etc. via the SIM card. If you have such a SIM card, the SIM services will appear in the main menu under "Extras"...
  • Page 91: Fast Access Key

    Fast access key Fast access key Left soft key Assign a function/phone number to The left soft key and the number the left soft key for fast access. keys 2 to 9 (speed dialling numbers) can each be assigned an important Change phone number or a function.
  • Page 92: Speed Dialling Keys

    Fast access key Speed dialling keys Apply Select a stored phone number or Number keys 2 to 9 can be used as start a stored application (e.g. speed dialling numbers for fast ac- SMS). cess. For available key assignments see page 90. Number key 1 is re- In standby mode: served for the mailbox number Press briefly.
  • Page 93: Own Stuff

    Own stuff Own stuff The following folders are also includ- ed in or Pictures: Sounds The following folders are provided or Down- This enables you to download organising your files: Pictures, load new new files from the Internet. Sounds, Colour scheme, Data inbox. KÑ...
  • Page 94: Send Via

    Send via... Send via... The phone provides you with several methods for sending texts and data via different transmission routes. Ac- cess to these functions is available in the option menu of the relevant ap- plication. These menu items can vary depending on the application.
  • Page 95: Pc Software (data Exchange Software / Gprs Modem Assistant)

    Data Exchange Software and GPRS Modem Assistant can be download- ed from Internet: Data Exchange Software (DES) The Data Exchange Software collab- orates with Windows® Explorer like an extra drive and mirrors contents of phone's file system (page 92).
  • Page 96: Questions & Answers

    Questions & Answers Questions & Answers If you have any questions on the use of your phone, you can contact us at around the clock. As further help we have listed below some frequently asked questions and answers. Problem...
  • Page 97 Questions & Answers Problem Possible causes Possible solution No network Weak signal. Move higher, to a window or an open space. connection. Outside GSM range. Check service provider's coverage area. Invalid SIM card. Complain to the service provider. New network not authorised. Try manual selection or select a different network (page 77).
  • Page 98 If the PUK (MAS- TER PIN) has been lost, please contact your service provider. Phone code error. Three wrong entries. Contact Siemens Service (page 98). Service provider No authorisation for this serv- Contact your service provider.
  • Page 99: Customer Care

    Libya ..........02 13 50 28 82 software version (to display, press * # 0 6 #, Lithuania ...........8 52 74 20 10 then info) and if available, your Siemens Luxembourg........43 84 33 99 Service customer number. Macedonia .......... 02 13 14 84 Malaysia........+ 6 03 77 12 43 04...
  • Page 100 Customer Care Mexico ........01 80 07 11 00 03 Morocco ..........22 66 92 09 Netherlands .........0 90 03 33 31 00 New Zealand........08 00 27 43 63 Nigeria ..........0 14 50 05 00 Norway..........22 70 84 00 Oman ............79 10 12 Pakistan ..........02 15 66 22 00 Paraguay ..........8 00 10 20 04 Philippines ........0 27 57 11 18...
  • Page 101: Care And Maintenance

    Care and maintenance Care and maintenance 'Your phone has been designed and The suggestions given above apply manufactured to the highest of equally to your phone, battery, standards and should be treated with charger and all accessories. If any of the greatest of care.
  • Page 102: Product Data

    You will need the following details if you lose your phone or SIM card: Declaration of conformity the number of the SIM card (on the card): Siemens Information and Communi- .............. cation mobile hereby declares that 15-digit serial number of the phone...
  • Page 103: Accessories

    A range of carry cases is available from spe- Headset PTT Purestyle HHS-610 cialist shops or our online shop: Headset with a high-value design for hands- Original Siemens Accessories free talking in full-duplex digital voice quality. Optimised wearing comfort due to earclip
  • Page 104 Data Cable DCA-500 With the Data Cable DCA-500 the mobile phone can be easily linked to a serial (RS232) interface. Products can be obtained in specialist shops or you can visit the Siemens Mobile Store online: Original Siemens Accessories mobilestore...
  • Page 105: Quality

    After six months, if the battery is clearly suffering from loss of performance, we recommend that you replace it. Please buy only Siemens original batteries.
  • Page 106: Guarantee Certificate (uk)

    • Ownership of devices or compo- out below: nents replaced by and returned to • In the case of new devices and Siemens shall vest in Siemens. their components exhibiting de- • This Guarantee shall apply to new fects resulting from manufactur-...
  • Page 107: Guarantee Certificate (irl)

    Union. For Products sold in the classed as third party interven- Republic of Ireland the Guarantee tion) is issued by Siemens Ireland Limit- • Repairs or other work done ed, Ballymoss Road, Sandyford by persons not authorised by Industrial Estate, Dublin 18 – The Siemens.
  • Page 108 Guarantee. • Insofar as no Guarantee default exists, Siemens reserves the right to charge the customer for re- placement or repair. • The above provisions does not im-...
  • Page 109: Sar - European Union (rtte)

    0.75 W/kg****. Before a radio equipment may be The SAR information can also be placed on the market, compliance found on the Siemens web site at with the European laws and the re- spective technical limit require- While there may be differences ments must be demonstrated.
  • Page 110 SAR – European Union (RTTE) Further information:,, ** The CE mark confirms that the product is in compliance with the le- gal requirements of the European Union as a prerequisite for the pla- cing on the market and the free mo- vement of goods within the Euro- pean internal market.
  • Page 111: Sar - International (icnirp)

    0.75 W/kg***. international guidelines from the SAR information can also be found at International Commission on Non- Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). While there may be differences bet- These limits are part of comprehen- ween the SAR levels of various pho-...
  • Page 112: Menu Tree

    Menu tree Menu tree è > Show entries ‘Preferred Book’ New entry Businesscard Groups Default book Information numbers > Calls missed Call records Calls received Calls dialled Delete records > Duration/ charges Last call All outgoing calls All incoming calls Remaining units >...
  • Page 113: Silent Alert

    Menu tree > > Unsent Messages > Sent SMS archive Text modules > Message setup T9 preferred Input language SMS profiles MMS profiles Voice message > CB services Receive CB Read new CB > Ringer setting Topic list Ring tones Silent alert Auto display >...
  • Page 114: Illumination

    Menu tree > SIM services Extras > Organiser Calendar Calculator Appointments Currency converter Notes Stopwatch Missed alarms Countdown Time zones Voice command Calendar setup Camera Ñ > Own stuff Pictures Sounds Colour scheme Data inbox > Profiles Setup > Display Language >...
  • Page 115 Menu tree > > Dynamic light Show light effects Setup Play demo Brightness Calls Group calls Other calls During call Alarms > More light... Incoming messages Missed event During sending Opening clamshell Closing clamshell Netsearch Screensaver Low battery Switch on Switch off Charging >...
  • Page 116 Menu tree > > Clock Time/date Setup Time zones Time format Date format Buddhist year Show clock Automatic switch off > Connectivity GPRS GPRS info Authentication > Data services MMS, WAP HTTP HTTP profile > Fax/data mode Send voice/fax Rec voice/fax Rec fax/data >...
  • Page 117: Extras Menu

    Menu tree > > Security Phone identity Setup > File system Format Master reset Clean up > > Network Line Select line Network info Protect selection Auto network selection Choose network Preferred network Band selection Fast search > User group Active Select group Outgo.
  • Page 118: Index

    Index Index Big letters (message on display) ....67 Accessories....... 102 Birthday Account limit......39 Addressbook ......33 Addressbook Bookmarks (WAP)......58 Dial entry........ 34 Browser, WAP ......59 New entry....... 32 Business card ......28 Read entry ......33 Busy number.......
  • Page 119 Index Charges........39 Charging the battery....10 Factory settings ......76 Clock.......... 71 Fast access........90 Codes......... 15 Fast network search ....78 Colour schemes ......66 Fax/data mode ......74 Command (voice command)..86 Filter........... 57 Conference......... 22 Addressbook entries ....34 Connection profile......
  • Page 120 Index Information services (CB).... 55 Input language (T9)....25 Only ........75 ‚ International dialling code ..19 Only this SIM ......75 Operating times (battery)..101 Organiser........80 Last 10 only........ 75 Own (phone) numbers....30 Limit (call time/charge) ....39 Own files ........
  • Page 121 Text entry ....... 25 Shown in the display ....8 Word suggestions....26 Shut down animation ....67 Technical data......101 Siemens City Portal ..... 17 Text entry with T9....... 25 Signal strength ......12 Text entry without T9....24 Silent alert........56 Text module .......
  • Page 122 Index Unanswered ....... 69 Upper and lowercase letters..24 User group ......... 78 Validity period MMS........54 SMS........48 Voice command......86 Voice dialling......35 Voice message (mailbox) .... 41 Volume Handset volume...... 18 Profiles ........64 Ringer........56 Browser ........59 Parameters ......

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