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Installation - Brother S-7100A Basic Operation Manual

Single needle straight lock stitcher with thread trimmer
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Machine installation should only be carried out by a
qualified technician.
Contact your Brother dealer or a qualified electrician
for any electrical work that may need to be done.
The sewing machine weighs approximately 32 kg
(70lb). The installation should be carried out by two
or more people.
Do not connect the power cord until installation is
complete. The machine may operate if the treadle is
depressed by mistake, which could result in injury.
About the machine set-up location
・ Do not set up this sewing machine near other equipment such as
televisions, radios or cordless telephones, otherwise such
equipment may be affected by electronic interference from the
sewing machine.
・ The sewing machine should be plugged directly into an AC wall
outlet. Operation problems may result if extension cords are
Carrying the machine
・ The sewing machine should be carried by the arm and the motor
cover by two people as shown in the illustration.
* Do not hold by any part other than the motor cover. If this is not
observed, it may result in damage to the sewing machine.
Tilting back the machine head
・ Hold section (A) with your foot so that the table does not move,
and then push the arm with both hands to tilt back the machine
Returning the machine head to the upright position
1. Clear away any tools, etc. which may be near the table holes.
2. While holding the face plate with your left hand, gently return the
machine head to the upright position with your right hand.
Secure the table so that it will not move when tilting
back the machine head. If the table moves, it may
crush your feet or cause other injuries.
Use both hands to hold the machine head when
tilting it back or returning it to its original position. If
only one hand is used, the weight of the machine
head may cause your hand to slip, and your hand
may get caught.

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