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Acer WarpLink 2412 Installation Manual page 9

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Is your Installation Successful?
At the front of the Access Point you will see three pictures
If the installation is successful, the middle
(WLAN) and lowest
respective network.
How to Select Wired Network?
The Access Point automatically selects the medium attached. When the cable
network is detected, the network
Factory Settings
You can reset the Access Point's Settings to factory defaults by pushing a
paperclip in the little hole next to the power switch when Access Point is turned
off. Hold until the lights at the front of the Access Point
When you push a paperclip in the reset hole while the Access Point is switched on,
only the lock set y APManager is deactivated.
the –insert pic- flash at least 10 times per second for the wireless LAN because of so-called 'beacons'
(Wired Network) flash whenever there is traffic on the
will turn yellow
is green and the highest
are off