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Quick Start To Wireless Networking - Acer WarpLink 2412 Installation Manual

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6. Quick Start to Wireless Networking

Setting up a Wireless Network Using AP Manager
If AP Manager is not launched after software installation, it is available by
clicking the short-cut icon on your desktop.
Select 'Build from Network Wizard' icon from tool bar on the main window.
Network settings for PC where AP Manager is installed will be automatically
detected. Press 'Change' if PC is connected to more than one network and you
would like to change; go to step 4. If not, please press 'Next' and go to step 5.
In the 'Network Select' window, you will need to input an unused network IP
address (Please also refer to your Network Neighborhood Property sheet).
Furthermore, insert ( for your Network Mask. Lastly the Default
Gateway that you key in should be the same as the router address. Select 'OK'
when finished and press 'Next'; go to Step 5.
Access Point is also automatically detected. If all access points are displayed,
select 'Next' and go to Step 7. If not, please select 'Rescan' or click 'Add
manually' to input Access Points manually; go to Step 6.
To add Access Points manually, you will need to input MAC address (which is
available on the back of your Access Point) and key in an unused IP address of
the Access Point. Press 'OK' after completion then 'Next'.
Key in network ID of your preference. Then, input preferred radio channel if
differ from default. If there is more than one Access Points, this step will repeat
several times. Press 'Next'.
Please select 'No Security' for Network ID and set preferred password for
'Community String'. This step will repeat if there are more than one WLAN.
Select 'Next'.
Press 'Finish', the wizard will prompt 'Commit to Access Points' window. Select
'Close'. Your wireless network is now complete.
10. You can save the configurations by selecting the Save button on the tool bar.