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Acer WarpLink 2412 Installation Manual page 34

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Build from Network - Network Security
To secure the network, it is possible to encrypt the data on the network with a
64-bit user defined WEP key. In fact, it is strongly recommended that WEP
security be enabled.
To enable WEP security, check the Enable WEP security box and enter a WEP
key in the Key field. Only clients and Access Points that share the same WEP key
are allowed to associate with each other.
WEP key can be any word or phrase of your choice. However we suggest that the
pass phrase you select is sixteen digits (for example, 22 7C 09 5D 43). This is
because pass phrase differ depending on the implementation of each user, and this
may cause disconnection between Wireless LAN adapters.
The Community String functions as a password for network management,
preventing unauthorized persons from changing the network security and Access
Point settings. It is strongly recommended that the Community String be changed
from the default (private).
After you set the WEP and Community String, click on Next. If more that one
Network ID (SSID) is defined on the network, the wizard will display this dialog
box again with the settings of the next SSID. When you have set WEP keys and
Community Strings for all SSIDs on your network, clicking Next will take you to
the Commit to Network dialog box.