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Network Settings Dialog - Acer WarpLink 2412 Installation Manual

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Network Settings Dialog

Selecting the Edit/Network Settings menu item (or by clicking the corresponding
toolbar button (as shown above) pops up the Network Settings dialog. Use this
dialog to inform APManager about your network configuration. APManager
needs this information to be able to scan for Access Points.
Add your network addresses (subnets) by entering the correct information in the
Network address, mask and default gateway fields in the dialog, and clicking the
Set button for each network/subnet. To view the details of a particular network,
click on the Address field in the list on the left. Click the Remove button to delete
a network from the list.
If the computer on which APManager is running is connected to all your networks
directly, you can try Auto Add Local Networks to insert them in the list.
Note: if subnetting
by this function will not be correct and should be adjusted manually.
Network address
is used, the network addresses and masks column generated