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Managing Wlans - Acer WarpLink 2412 Installation Manual

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Managing WLANs

A WLAN or 'Wireless Local Area Network' in APManager consists of a number
of Access Points with the same settings that together provide seamless access to
any wireless stations that are in reach of any of these Access Points.
Create a WLAN
Select the Edit/Insert Wireless LAN menu item to insert a new
WLAN into the list. Type the name (SSID) of the new WLAN.
Destroy a WLAN
Remove an empty WLAN by pressing Delete or selecting the
Edit/Clear menu item.
Rename a WLAN
Click on the label of the WLAN to change its name (SSID). Note
that client stations use the name to identify the WLAN.
You can move an Access Point from one WLAN to another by dragging it with
the mouse or by selecting from menu Edit/Cut followed by Edit/Paste.
There are two WLANs that have a special meaning in APManager. These are the
Unused Access Points and Disabled Access Points special WLANs.
Unused Access Points
APManager does not manage the Unused Access Points within the context of the
current document. In other words, these Access Points are ignored. You can view
some information about them (e.g. radio channel), but not modify any of their
properties. APManager does not change the settings of these Access Points when