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Apmanager Main Window - Acer WarpLink 2412 Installation Manual

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APManager Main Window

Choose the short cut icon to launch APManager from start menu, or from desktop.
The Main Window looks like below:
This section will explain in details features appeared on the above window, you
might wish to skip this part to Quick Start to Wireless Networking.
Structure of the Wireless LANs
The tree structure on the left of the main window shows a list of Wireless Local
Area Network (WLANs) and the Access Points that belong to each WLAN. The
Sample image above demonstrate a single Access Point with hardware address
00:90:4b:08:05:4e which belongs to WLAN named 'APManager 1'. Furthermore
the icons shows the relationship between WLANs and their associated Access
Points as well as their status.
You can use your mouse to click or drag individual access points to view Access
Point properties or move an Access Point to another WLAN ect. For further
understanding, please also refer to section on managing WLANs.