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Acer WarpLink 2412 Installation Manual page 14

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Remember to give your WLAN a name!
The name (or SSID) of the WLAN is used for identifying the WLAN. Mobile
wireless clients roam freely over Access Points that have the same 'name' or
SSID. (please refer to the graphic example above) In other words, the secuity
options for all Access Points under the same SSID are the same. Security options
can be managed through the WLAN security property sheet. For further
information, please also refer to section on Managing Security
Access Point and WLAN Security Property Sheet
Access Point tab and WLAN Security tab is on the right hand side of the main
window. The Acces Point property sheet is mainly used to select a radio channel
for each Access Point
maintenance in a wireless LAN environment.
Refer to Section on Managing Access Points
. WLAN security property sheet allows security