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Acer WarpLink 2412 Installation Manual page 32

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Build from Network - Search Network
The Build from Network wizard scans for and displays all available Access Points
on the network.
For APManager to function properly, each Access Point it manages must have a
unique IP address. (APManager uses SNMP to configure and manage the wireless
network Access Points.) If your LAN does not provide either DHCP or BOOTP
Protocol (which automatically assign IP addresses), you will need to manually
assign a valid IP address to each Access Point.
If all Access Points are displayed, click on Next, OR
If any Access Point intended for your LAN is not displaying, click on
Rescan network to rescan the network for all Access Points. If all Access
Points are now displayed, click on Next, OR
To manually assign an IP address to the Access Point, click on Add manual.
The Manual Add Access Point dialog box displays. Enter the MAC address
(located on the back of the Access Point unit) and a valid IP address. Click
on OK to return to the Find Access Points dialog box, and click on Next.