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Craftsman 113.177035 Owner's Manual page 10

16 gallon cord retractor wet/dry vac
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Cord Retractor
For cord storage,
this vac includes a cord
retractor to remove the cord from sight.
Due to the height of the cord exit, it is spe-
cifically designed
to retract slowly.
1. Locate the plug end recessed
in the left
side of the motor cover.
2. Place one hand on the motor cover and
use the other hand to pull the cord from
the vac.
3. Pull out cord to desired
length. The
cord will lock in place when cord is
during the clicking sound.
NOTE: Cord will not lock in place when it
is fully extended.
Let about 12 inches
retract, then pull cord while listening for
the clicking sound. Release cord and it
should lock into place.
To avoid damaging
vac or
cord, be sure the full cord is available.
not pull on vac and hose to extend the
cord to longer lengths.
4. Proceed
to vacuum.
5. When area is clean, turn off the vac.
Unplug the cord at the receptacle.
6. With plug in hand, walk to vac and gen-
tly pull on cord at the exit to release the
7. As cord retracts,
hold onto plug and fol-
low it into the motor to keep water and
debris off plug and cord.
NOTE: In cold weather
the cord becomes
stiffer. This increased
stiffness will cause
of the retraction
rate. For best
of the cord, store cord immedi-
ately after vacuuming
is complete.



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