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Energy-Saving Tips; Before You Cal For Service - Kenmore 60581 Owner's Manual

Sears refrigerator user manual
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Energy-Saving Tips
• Don't open the doors more often than necessary.
• Close the doors as soon as possible, particularly in hot,
humid weather
• Keep the Power Miser Switch in the left position unless
moisture forms on the cabinet in hot, humid weather,
• Be sure the doors are closed tightly_ Before leaving the
house or retiring for the night, check to be sure the doors
haven't been left open accidentally.
• Store only those foods requiring refrigeration in your
Before You Call for Service
* Wipe moisture from bottles and cartons before putting
them in the refrigerator
- Keep Foodscovered to reduce moisture buildup inside
the refrigerator°
- if you turn the controls to the coldest position for quick
chilling or freezing, be sure to turn them back to regular
• Don't overcrowd your refrigerator
require extra electrical energy to keep everything cool
Save time and money Check this list of causes of minor
operating problems you can correct yourself
does not operate
• May be in defrost cycle when motor does not operate
for about 35 minutes
• Temperature control in OFF position_
• if interior light is not on, refrigerator
may not be
plugged in at walt outleL
* If plug is secure and refrigerator fails to operate, plug
lamp or small appliance
into same outlet to determine if
there is tripped circuit breaker or burned out fuse_
Motor operates
for long periods
• Modern refrigerators with more storage space and a
larger freezer compartment require more operating time°
° Normal when refrigerator is first delivered to your
requires 24 hours to completely cool
o Large amounts of food placed in refrigerator to be
cooled or frozen.
• Hot weather-frequent
door openings,
• Door left open
• Temperature controls are set too cold Refer to page 4,
° Condenser needs cleaning
Refer to page 11
• Check ENERGY-SAVING TIPS on page 14.
starts & stops frequently
• Temperature control starts and stops motor to maintain
even temperatures
This is normak
or rattling
• if refrigerator vibrates, more than likely it is not resting
solidly on the floor, The front roller screws need adjusting,
or floor is weak or uneven Refer to page 3
• If dishes vibrate on shelves, try moving them Slight
vibration is normal
° The high speed compressor motor required to maintain
near zero temperatures in the large freezer compartment
may produce higher sound levels than your old
" Normat fan air flow-one fan blows cold air through the
refrigerator and freezer compartments-another
fan coots
the compressor motor_
• These NORMAL
sounds will also be heard from time to
-Defrost timer switch clicks at defrost.
-Defrost water dripping.
control clicks ON or OFF,
boiling or gurgling,
or popping of cooling coils caused by
expansion and contraction during defrost and
refrigeration following defrost..
-Ice cubes dropping into the bin and water running in
pipes as icemaker refills.
Hot air from bottom of refrigerator
• Normal air flow cooling motor In the refrigeration
process, it is normal that heat be expelled in the area
under the refrigerator° Some floor coverings will discolor
at these normal and safe operating temperatures_ Your
floor covering supplier should be consulted if you object
to thisdiscoloration.


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