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Humidifier Operations; Assembly - Kenmore QUIET COMFORT 758.14451 Owner's Manual

Whole house humidifier 7 gallon output
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water into the air_
S added to the bottle the ill-
_ o
: i
iJryA r _nters
t s beg n to soak up:the water and
Thmu-h the
becom e totally saturated in approxi-
mately 30 minutes. Air is drawn in from
the rear of the humidifier, then passes:
through the filters by means of a circula-
tion fan. As air passes through the filters,
moisture is absorbed into the air and then
released through the top of the humidifier.
This moist air is released in the form of
vapor. No water droplets will enter the
home. All evaporation into the air takes
place in the humidifier, which means that
the residue left by evaporating water is not
passed into the home, but remains in the
CAUTION: Use only 42-14900 EPA
Registered Bacteriostat available
from SEARS Retail store. Under no
circumstances should you use water
treatment products designed for
Roto belt or Ultrasonic humidifiers.
Your new Sears Kenmore humidifier Js
completely assembled for you to use
i i i_
i i iHumidified Air is
Then Released
i i i Through the Top
, T
% t
CAUTION: Keep your humidifier
clean. While humidifiers do not
cause colds, some studies suggest
that dirty humidifiers can cause cold-
like symptoms in some people. To
avoid this, we recommend you clean
your humidifier weekly with Humidi-
tier Cleaner 42-14713 and use Bacte-
riostat 42-14900. These are available
at your local Sears store.
Follow the instructions of this owner's
manual for proper usage,


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