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Kenmore QUIET COMFORT 758.14808 Owner's Manual

Evaporative console humidifier
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• Operating Instructions
• Parts Ust
Sold by SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO., Chicago
IL 60684 U.S.A.
Part No. SP5660
Printed in U.S.A.


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 Th_ _ owner's manual MODEL NO. 758.148080 FORYOUR SAFETY READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY Sold by SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO., Chicago Part No. SP5660 Kenmore" QUIETCOMFORT" EVAPORATIVE CONSOLE HUMIDIFIER • Operating Instructions • Parts Ust IL 60684 U.S.A. Printed in U.S.A.
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    This warranty applies only while this product is used in the United States. This warranty gives you specifie legal dghts, and you may also have other nghts which vary from state to slate. SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO.; D817 WA, Hoffman Estates, IL 60195 - IllL GENERAL SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS To avoid fire or shock hazard, plug humidifier directly into a 120V, A.C.
  • Page 3: Know Your Humidifier

    HOUSING INDICATOR OVERRLL HOLE FILTER HOUSSNG FigureI Humidifier Operations "four new Sears humidifier is designed to satisfy home humidity requirements through the principle of evaporation water into the air. After water is added to the tank, the filters begin to soakup...
  • Page 4: Caster Installation

    NOTE: Due to release of cool, moist air from humidifier, it is best to direct air away from home thermostat, it Is best to position humidifier next to an inside wall. Hot air registers and cold air from outside walls can affect the efficiencies of the controls.
  • Page 5: Operating Rumidifier Controls

    (See Figure :_r!_with clean water up to FULL indi- cator label, located inside the housing on the rear panel(Figure 4). NOTE: Do not overfill humidifier. Water will overflow from the_overfill hole if capacity is exceeded. OVERFILL HOLE...
  • Page 6: Using Your Humidifier

    Sears replacement filters. We also recommend using a EPA approved bactedostat, 32-14900 and humidifier cleaner 32-7283, avail- able at your local Sears store. IIII I IIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIII of the Humidity Relative Humidity is:...
  • Page 7 SECTION Figure9 Step 6 Before removing moving humidifier to an area where floor coverings are not susceptible damage, i.e. kitchen or bath area. Slide out the filter holder Remove the filter from inside of the holder by gently pushing out from either side.
  • Page 8: Care Of Filter

    _:,k_er ar__sideof_ with clean damp cloth. Humidifier Cleaner(32-7283) is available in most Sears stores for easiest cleaning of deposits. Do not use any _tyr'.._,_ cleaner on the filter. Care of Filter ...CAUTION To help retard bacteria growth keep maximum efficiency,...
  • Page 9: Troubleshooting

    • Cardboard packingpiece between motorsupportand filter holder. Use only 32-14900 EPA Registered Bactedostat available from SEARS Retail store. Use of other water treatment prod_ ucts may damage the filter elements. Under no circumstances should you use water treatment products designed for Roto belt or Ultrasonic humidifiers.
  • Page 10 Nepaor _,arzs _ _ .., , ... , ... ,, PARTS-LIST FOR SEARS HUMIDIRER MODEL NO. 758.148080...
  • Page 11: Repair Parts

    • Any attempt to repairthis controlassembly or motormay create a HAZARD unless repair is done by a qualifiedservice technician.This assembly is factory aligned. Repair service is available at your nearest Sears store. t Stock Item - May be secured through the Plumbing and Heating Department of most Sears Retail Stores.
  • Page 12 3. MODEL NUMBER: 758.148080 4. NAME OF: ITEM: HUMIDIFIER All parts listed may be ordered from any Sears Service Center. If the parts you need are not stocked locally, your order will be electronically transmitted to a Sears Repair Parts DistributionCenter for handling.