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Stain Removal - Kenmore LAUNDRY CENTER 95701 Use And Care Manual

Electric/gas laundry center
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Stain Removal
stain before
item. If you
treat stain
with a
item in a basin
For specific kinds of stains, follow the directiLons below.
Use mildest treatment
first. Avoid using hot water on un-
stains; it may "set"
the stain. Never iron a stain.
Never put highly flammable substances like gasoline, kerosene, naphtha, waxes, cooldng oils, etc. into a 'washer
or drye r. Never put articles that have been cleaned with such substances in a washer or dryer. Failure to comply
with these warnings could result in a fire, explosion or bodily injury. All items with these substances on them
should be thoroughly hand-washed
with a detergent so that no trace of the flammable substance remains. The
articles can then be machine washed or dried.
Rust ;._ _
Sponge with fingeinail polish removerto dissolve glue.Wash in warm water. F:or acetaie, '
do not use fingernailpolish removercontaining] a cetonebecauseit will dissolvethe fabric.
Spongeimmediatelywith coldwater, then wash in warm water. Removeold stains with
oxygen bleach.
Sponge with coldwater, or soak in coldwater with a laundry pre-soak product. Then wash
Remove excess wax. Press between blotters with moderatelyhot iron. Sponge with clean-
ing fluid. Wash. Bleach remaining stain with oxygen bleach,
Harden with ice cube and remove excess. Sponge with cleaning fluid. Wash normally.
Soak in 2 tablespoons sodium hypo-sulfite to 1 quart water, Or remove yellow with
commercial colorremover. Rinse, then wash normally.
Soak in warm water with a pre-seak product. Wash in lukewarm detergent solution. Use
solvent to remove any grease spots. See __:
Soak in c_x_l w ater. Wash. Bleach remainin9 stain with oxygenbleach.
Pretreat before washing. If greasy, treat with a grease solvent. Wash in warm water with
plenty of detergent. Bleach remaining stain with oxygen bleach. See '.'_W_(_
Same as 1or candle wax.
Soak in cold water. I1 grease spot remains, spongewith cleaningfluid•
See [_W_I
Sponge with white vinegar. For stubborn stains, saturate cotton with denatured alcohol.
Wash. Bleach remaining stain with oxygen bleach.
Wet fabric, rub spots with mild bar soap, rinse. Repeathf necessary, do not use bleach
Sponge with warm water. Wash. Bleach remainingstain with oxygen bleach.
Soak in warm water with a pre-soak product. Wash. Bleach remaining stain with oxygen
Use a spot remover. Wash with detergent. See _-__
Washahle ink: Rub in detergent or glycerine, then wash in warm detergent water. Bleach
remaining stain with oxygen bleach. Ball point: Sponge with cleaningfluid or alcohol. Wash
in warm water. Bleach with oxygen bleach. See 'ZxW_J
Sponge with solvent. Wash in warm detergent solution. Bleach remaining stain with oxyger
bleach. :See :'_,_1_1_
Wash. Bleach remainingstain by soaking in an oxygen hleach solution. Wash in hot or
warm detergent water.
Treat with"nailpolish remover.For acetate, do not use fingernailpolish remover containing
acetone because it will dissolve fabric.
Before washing, treat with turpentine or solvent, depending on type of paint. See
Sponge fresh stain with ammonia, old stain with white vinegar. Rinse. Soak in warm ware"
with a pre-soak product. Followwith warm wash.
Never t_se oxalic acid or rust remover containing acid in or around washer. It will damage
porcelain surfaces. Instead. use a rust remover designed for water sofleners or a laundry
aid rusl remover.
Wash. -31each wflh mild oxygen bleach.
Pour boiling waler lhrough stain. Bleach with oxygen bleach•
Same procedure. Use hot water.
Same procedure. Use chlorine bleach.
Wash in hot water.
_,ameprocedure. Wgsh in hot water.
Bleach remaining stains.
Same procedure except use chlorine
Same procedure.
Same procedure.
Soak in warm water witl_a pre-seak or
detergent solution. Bleach remaining
_!;ame procedure. Use chlorine bleach.
'.Same procedure. Use chlorine bleach
and hot water wash.
Same as lot candle wax. If stain has
spread throughout load of clothes,
,'cash with hot water, s_ap and 1 cup
baking soda. Or wash with detergent or
soap and chlorinebleach.
Same procedure.
Same procedure.
Wash. Bleach remaininc, s tain.
Same procedure.
Pour boiling water throughstain.
Bleach remaining stain.
Soak in warm water wilh a pre-soak
Wash. Bleachremainin_ stain.
__ Same procedure.
Same procedure. Use h,otwater. Bleach
remaining slain•
Sponge with solvent. Wash in hot
__ detergent solution. Bleach.
Wash. Bleach remaining stain by soak-
ing in chlorine bleach solution. Wash in
hot or warm detergent water.
Same procedure,
Same procedure. Wash in hot water•
Same procedure.
Wash. Bleach with chlorine
Same procedure.
Use chlorine


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