Stain Removal Guide - Kenmore 11098762790 Owner's Manual And Installation Instructions

27-inch wide- large capacity laundry center washer - gas dryer
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Stained, heavily soiled, or greasy items
may need to be prewashed or soaked
for best results. Soaking helps remove
stains like blood, milk, or
grass. Prewashing helps loosen soil
before washing.
• Use warm water for soaking or pre-
washing stained laundry. Hot water
can set stains.
• Most stains are easier to remove when
they are fresh. Old or set stains may
not come out. Follow package directions
for pretreatment
• Before treating any stain, find out what
kind of stain it is, how old the stain is,
what kind of fabric it is, and if the fabric
is colorfast. (Check the care label.)
• Washing and drying can set some
• Start with cold or warm water. Hot
water can set some stains.
• When bleach is recommended,
a bleach that is safe for the fabric.
• Test stain removers on an inside
seam or hidden corner of the item
to see if the color is removed.
• Put the stained area face down on a
paper towel or white cloth. Apply the
stain remover to the back of the stain.
This forces the stain off the fabric
instead of through it.
• Meat tenderizer
or enzyme presoaks
help break down some protein stains
so they are easier to remove.
Alcoholic beverage
These stains turn brown with age, so
treat immediately. Sponge or soak fresh
stains with cold water. Wash. If stain
remains, soak 15 minutes in a solution
of lukewarm water, liquid detergent, and
a few drops of white vinegar. Rinse. Wash.
Rinse immediately or soak in cold water
with enzyme presoak for 30 minutes or
longer. Rinse. Rub detergent into any
remaining stains. Rinse. If stain remains,
put a few drops of 3% hydrogen peroxide
on stain for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly.
Use ice to make gum hard. Scrape off
what you can. Sponge with a nonflam-
mable fabric cleaner. Let dry. Wash.
or coffee
Sponge immediately with a nonflam-
mable fabric cleaner or apply a prewash
soil and stain remover. Rinse. Wash.
If stain remains, apply a liquid detergent
to stain or soak in warm water with an
enzyme presoak. Rewash.
Crayon or candle wax
Scrape off excess with a dull knife.
Place fabric between two blotters or
facial tissue. Press with warm iron.
Remove color stain with nonflammable
fabric cleaner. Hand wash until stain
is gone. If full toad is crayon stained,
take to cleaners or coin-operated
cleaning machine.
Cream, milk, or ice cream
Sponge with a nonflammable
cleaner, or a prewash soil and stain
remover. Rinse. Wash. Repeat if neces-
sary. If stain remains, apply a few drops
of liquid detergent and a few drops of
ammonia. Blot dry and rinse. If stain
remains, soak in an enzyme presoak.


Table of Contents

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