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Kenmore Clothes Dryer Installation And Owner's Manual page 13

Coin-operated commercial electric dryer
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NOTE: If the coin-slide mechanism is installed, skip this
step and proceed to coin-box adjustment.
Remove the service door from the meter case by unlock-
ing the service lock with the key shipped with the dryer.
Carefully insert coin-slide mechanism into opening and
guide into holes. Secure the coin slide with bolt from
inside the meter case.
NOTE: Removing timer from mounting screws may
facilitate inserting the bolt.
Replace the service door. Be sure the lock is located
toward the rear of the case.
Coin box adjustment
The tight fit of the money box is set at the factory.
Customer may loosen fit as desired by loosening the
slotted nuts.
the dryer without
using the coin
1. Close the dryer door.
2. Push the PUSH TO START button firmly.
Electrical Shock Hazard
power before servicing.
Replace all panels before operating.
Failure to do so can result in death or
electrical shock.
3. If the dryer does not start, remove the meter-case
service door.
4. Push the ratchet arm towards the rear of the dryer
until it stops, then release.
5. Replace the meter-case service door. Be sure the
lock is located toward the rear of the case.
6. Push the PUSH TO START button firmly.
Keep a record of all coin-box key numbers. A lost key
can only be replaced if ordered by key number from Sears
Parts. The key number is located both on the key and
behind the end panel of the coin box. If the key number
is not available, the lock must be drilled out to remove
the coin box.
access panel.
Final installation
1. Connect exhaust vent to exhaust outlet of the dryer.
2. Carefully move dryer into permanent location.
Provide at least the minimum installation clearances
between dryer and rear wall. See the chart. This will
ensure you have an adequate clearance for service
and proper operation and that you have sufficient
distance from combustible construction.
3. Plug in dryer or connect power.