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Solving Media Card Reader Problems - HP EliteDesk 705 G4 Maintenance And Service Manual

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Nonsystem disk/NTLDR missing message.
Hard drive boot has been disabled in Computer Setup.
Bootable hard drive is not attached as first in a multi-hard drive
Bootable hard drive is not listed first in the Boot Order.
Computer will not boot from hard drive.
The device is attached to a SATA port that has been hidden in
Computer Setup.
Boot order is not correct.
Hard drive is damaged.
Computer seems to be locked up.
Program in use has stopped responding to commands.

Solving media card reader problems

Media card will not work in a digital camera after formatting it in Windows.
By default, Windows will format any media card with a capacity
greater than 32MB with the FAT32 format. Some digital cameras
Chapter 6 Troubleshooting without diagnostics
the File Backup Program option, and then restore the
Install system files for the appropriate operating system.
Run the Computer Setup utility and enable the hard drive entry in
the Advanced > Boot Options list.
If attempting to boot from a hard drive, ensure it is attached to
the system board dark blue SATA connector.
Run the Computer Setup utility and select Advanced > Boot
Options and ensure the bootable hard drive is listed immediately
under the Hard Drive entry.
Check SATA cable connections.
Run the Computer Setup utility and ensure Device Available
is selected for the device's SATA port in Advanced > Port
Run the Computer Setup utility and change boot sequence in
Advanced > Boot Options.
Observe if the front panel Power LED is blinking RED and if any
beeps are heard. See
POST error messages and diagnostic front
panel LEDs and audible codes on page 110
causes for the blinking red and beep codes.
See the Worldwide Limited Warranty for terms and conditions.
Use the task manager to close programs that do not
Attempt the normal Windows "Shut Down" procedure. If this
fails, press the power button for four or more seconds to
turn off the power. To restart the computer, press the power
button again.
Either format the media card in the digital camera or select FAT
file system to format the media card in a computer with Windows.
to determine possible


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