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Control panel message
00E-Inventory Error during MEBx Execution
00F-Interface Error during MEBx Execution
100-Front Audio Not Connected
2E1-MemorySize Error
2E2-Memory Error
2E3-Incompatible Memory Module in Memory
Socket(s) X, X, ...
2E4-DIMM Configuration Warning
2E5-ECC Memory Module Detected on
Unsupported Platform
2E6–Memory Not Configured Correctly for
Proper MEBx Execution
300–Configuration Change Warning
301-Hard Disk 1: SMART Hard Drive Detects
Imminent Failure
112 Chapter 8 POST error messages and diagnostic front panel LEDs and audible codes
BIOS information passed to the MEBx resulted
in a failure.
MEBx operation experienced a hardware error
during communication with the ME.
Front audio cable has been detached or
unseated from system board.
Memory amount has changed since the last
boot (memory added or removed).
Memory module configuration failed during
boot up.
A memory module in memory socket identified
in the error message is missing critical SPD
information, or is incompatible with the chipset.
The current memory configuration is not
Recently added memory module(s) support ECC
memory error correction.
DIMM1 is not installed.
A change in storage configuration has been
detected (see Boot Options menu in BIOS Setup
to enable this feature). Either the installed
hardware has changed, storage or firmware
mode may have been changed, or a storage
device may have failed to respond.
Hard drive is about to fail. (Some hard drives
have a hard drive firmware patch that will fix an
erroneous error message.)
Recommended action
Reboot the computer.
If the error persists, update to the latest
BIOS version.
If the error still persists, replace the
system board.
Reboot the computer.
If the error persists, update to the latest
BIOS version.
If the error still persists, replace the
system board.
Reconnect or replace front audio cable.
The system memory size is different from the
last startup. The most common reason is the
removal of memory from the system board.
Press the
key to save the memory changes.
If this message persists, verify that the
memory modules are installed correctly.
Ensure memory modules are correctly
Verify proper memory module type.
Remove and replace the identified faulty
memory module(s).
If the error persists after replacing
memory modules, replace the system
Verify proper memory module type.
Try another memory socket.
Replace with a supported module.
Rearrange the DIMMs so that each channel has
the same amount of memory.
If additional memory was recently added,
remove it to see if the problem remains.
Check product documentation for
memory support information.
Make sure there is a memory module in the
DIMM1 socket and that it is properly seated.
If no changes have been made prior to this
warning, check that the drives are connected
properly to power cables and system board.
User Diagnostics
during boot-up) may help
identify any problem with specific devices.
Determine if hard drive is giving correct
error message. Run the Drive Protection
System test under using F2 Diagnostics
when booting the computer.


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