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Operation; Assembly - Craftsman 151.39942 Operator's Manual

12.5a - 19 inch 3-in-1 electric mower
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See Figure 12.
The mower comes set in the mulching confi guration to
dispense grass clippings directly beneath the mower.
To dispense clippings outside the mower, pull up the
side discharge cover and insert the side discharge
See Figure 13.
When shipped, the wheels on the mower are set to a
Do not allow familiarity with this
type of product to make you careless. Remember that
a careless fraction of a second is suffi cient to infl ict
serious injury.
Always wear safety goggles or
safety glasses with side shields when operating this
product. Failure to do so could result in objects being
thrown into your eyes, resulting in possible serious
Do not use any attachments or
accessories not recommended by the manufacturer of
this product. The use of attachments or accessories not
recommended can result in serious personal injury.
You may use this product for the purpose listed below:
Mowing your lawn
See Figure 14-15.
■ Make a loop at the end of the extension cord and
hang the loop onto the strain relief on the cross bar.
Connect the mower to your power supply socket.
■ Before switching on, ensure that the mower is not in
contact with any foreign objects.
■ To start operation, use one hand to press the safety
lock-off button in the center of the upper handle. Then
with the other hand depress either of the Start/Stop
Switch Triggers. Release the lock-off button.
■ To stop operation, release both Start/Stop Switch
After switching off the
equipment, the blade may continue to turn for several
seconds. Do not touch the moving blade. There is risk
of serious injury.


low-cutting position. Before using the mower for the
fi rst time, adjust the cutting position to the height best
suited for your lawn. The average lawn should be
between 1.35" to 3.35".
To set the cutting height:
■ To raise the cutting height, grasp the height
adjustment lever and move it toward the back of the
■ To lower the cutting height, grasp the height
adjustment lever and move it toward the front of the


See Figure 16-17.
■ For safety purposes, DO NOT adjust the Roto-Fit
Grips while the mower is running or while mowing.
Only operate the product once the locking collar is fully
■ The Roto-Fit Grips can rotate 360° and lock into 8
different positions. (Fig. 16) Users can adjust the grip
angle to achieve the best grip and orientation for them
or for a specifi c task while mowing.
■ Of the 8 possible Roto-Fit Grip positions, 6 are
recommended for use: Standard, Ergonomic Narrow,
Vertical Grip, Horizontal Wide, Ergonomic Wide and
Pistol Grip. (Fig. 17)
■ The handles are designed to be rotated using only 1
hand. This means you can adjust both handles at once.
To adjust the Roto-Fit handle Grip position:
■ Pull the locking collar toward you.
■ Rotate collar to the desired position.
■ Let go of collar to engage in position.
■ Make sure the lawn is clear of stones, sticks, wires,
and other objects that could damage the lawn mower
blades or motor. Such objects could be accidentally
thrown by the mower in any direction and cause
serious personal injury to the operator and others.
■To reduce the likelihood of disconnecting the lawn
mower from the extension cord, be sure to use the cord
retainer provided.
■For a healthy lawn, always cut off one-third or less of
the total length of the grass.
■When cutting heavy grass, reduce walking speed to
allow for more effective cutting and a proper discharge
of the clippings.
■Do not cut wet grass. It will stick to the underside
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Table of Contents

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