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Assembly - Craftsman 151.39942 Operator's Manual

12.5a - 19 inch 3-in-1 electric mower
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This product requires assembly.
■ Carefully remove the product and any accessories
from the box. Make sure that all items listed in the
packing list are included.
■ Inspect the product carefully to make sure no
breakage or damage occurred during shipping.
■ Do not discard the packing material until you have
carefully inspected and satisfactorily operated the
■ If any parts are damaged or missing, do not operate
the mower. Return it for replacement to the retailer from
which it was purchased.
Mulching Plug (already installed)
Dust Blocker Collection Bag
Side Discharge Chute
Bolt x4
Washer x4
Locking lever x4
Cord clip x2
Operator's Manual
If any parts are damaged or
missing do not operate this product until the parts are
replaced. Failure to heed this warning so could result in
serious personal injury.
Do not attempt to modify this
product or create accessories not recommended
for use with this product. Any such alteration or
modifi cation is misuse and could result in a hazardous
condition leading to possible serious personal injury.
Do not connect to power supply
until assembly is complete. Failure to comply could
result in accidental starting and possible serious
personal injury.
Never operate the mower
without the proper safety devices in place and working.
Never operate the mower with damaged safety
devices. Failure to heed this warning can result in
serious personal injury.


See Figure 3-6.
■ Insert lower handles ONTO and over the exposed
attachment plate bolts at the rear of the motor housing.
Make sure the power cord clips on the handles are
BOTH facing up. On each side, place washer over bolt
tip and thread locking lever onto it. Fold lever down to
secure handle into position. (Fig. 3)
NOTE: For ease of use, the overall handle pitch angle
can be raised or lowered by choosing an attachment
point that is higher or lower on the attachment plate.
(Fig. 3)
■ Attach the upper handle to the lower one using
carriage bolts, washers and locking levers. There are
three adjustment positions. Choose the position which
is best for you. (Fig. 4)
■ Secure the handle into position by turning the locking
lever to tighten and then folding the lever down. Do not
apply excessive force to fold the lever down or it may
break. Loosen the lever to the point where it will fold
down without breaking. (Fig. 5)
■ Secure the power cord with the cord clips. (Fig. 6)
See Figure 7-9.
■ Your mower comes with a tool-less collection bag.
Your bag ships fl at as shown.
■ To assemble the bag straighten the hinged steel
frame at opening of bag as shown.
■ Pry open the long soft plastic tubular sleeve with
you fi ngers and insert the steel frame into the tube as
See Figure 10.
NOTE: When using the collection bag, do not install the
mulching plug.
■ Lift the rear discharge door.
■ Lift the collection bag by its handle and place under
the rear discharge door so that the hooks on the
collection bag are seated on the door rod.
■ Release the rear discharge door.
■ Mulch plug MUST be removed prior to installing
collection bag.
See Figure 11.
NOTE: When using the mulching plug, do not install
the collection bag.
■ Lift the rear discharge door.
■ Grasp the mulching plug by its handle.
■ Insert the plug into the rear discharge opening.
■ Lower the rear discharge door.
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Table of Contents

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