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Troubleshooting - Craftsman 151.39942 Operator's Manual

12.5a - 19 inch 3-in-1 electric mower
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Carriage bolts not seated properly.
Cam locks not tightened.
Extension cord not connected to
the mower plug.
Handle not in
Extension cord not connected to
power source.
Tripped circuit breaker in the
Motor control switch defective.
Mower cutting grass
Lawn is rough or uneven or cutting
height not set properly.
Mower not mulching
Wet grass clippings sticking to the
underside of the deck.
High grass, rear of mower housing
Mower hard to push
and blade dragging in heavy
grass, or cutting height too low.
Blade is unbalanced.
Mower vibrating at
higher speed
Bent motor shaft.


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Adjust the height of the handle and make sure the
carriage bolts are seated properly.
Tighten cam locks.
Reconnect the cord and use the cord retainer to
keep the cord close to the motor/blade control.
Connect the extension cord to a live 120V AC, 60
HZ AC receptacle.
Reset house circuit breaker.
If it trips again, call a qualifi ed electrician.
Have motor control switch replaced by a qualifi ed
service dealer using identical replacement part.
Move the wheels to a higher position. All wheels
must be placed in the same cutting height for the
mower to cut evenly.
Wait until the grass dries before mowing.
Raise cutting height.
Balance the blade by grinding each cutting edge
Stop the motor, disconnect the power source, and
inspect for damage. Before restarting, have repairs
made by a qualifi ed service dealer using identical
replacement parts.


Table of Contents

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