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Care And Maintenance - Craftsman 151.39942 Operator's Manual

12.5a - 19 inch 3-in-1 electric mower
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of the deck and prevent proper mulching of grass
■ New or thick grass may require a narrower cut.
■ Clean the underside of the mower deck after each
use to remove grass clippings, leaves, dirt, and any
other accumulated debris.
See Figure 18.
■ Slopes are a major factor related to slip and fall
accidents that can result in severe injury. Mowing on
slopes requires extra caution. If you feel uneasy on a
slope, do not mow it. For your safety, do not attempt to
mow slopes greater than 15 degrees.
■ Mow across the face of slopes, not up and down.
Exercise extreme caution when changing direction on
When servicing, use only
identical replacement parts. Use of any other parts may
create a hazard or cause product damage.
Always wear safety goggles
or safety glasses with side shields during power tool
operation or when blowing dust. If operation is dusty,
also wear a dust mask.
Avoid using solvents when cleaning plastic parts. Most
plastics are susceptible to damage from various types
of commercial solvents and may be damaged by their
use. Use clean cloths to remove dirt, dust, oil, grease,
Do not use attachments or
accessories not specifi ed in this operator's manual.
The use of other attachments or accessories can
result in serious personal injury.
Periodically check all nuts and bolts for proper
tightness to ensure safe operation of the mower.
Remove any buildup of grass and leaves on or around
the motor cover. Wipe the mower clean with a dry cloth
occasionally. Do not use water.


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■ Watch for holes, ruts, rocks, hidden objects, or
bumps which can cause you to slip or trip. Tall grass
can hide obstacles. Remove all objects such as rocks,
tree limbs, etc., which could be tripped over or thrown
by the blade.
■ Always be sure of your footing. A slip and fall can
cause serious personal injury. If you feel you are losing
your balance, release the switch triggers immediately.
■ Do not mow near drop-offs, ditches, or embankments;
you could lose your footing or balance.
See Figure 19.
■ Lift the collection bag by its handle and lift to remove
from mower.
■ Empty grass clippings.
■Lift the rear discharge door and reinstall the collection
bag as described earlier in this manual.
■ All of the bearings in this product are lubricated with
a suffi cient amount of high grade lubricant for the life of
the unit under normal operating conditions. Therefore,
no further bearing lubrication is required. At the
beginning and end of each mowing season:
■ Lubricate the springs on the rear discharge door with
light oil.
■ Lubricate the height adjustment lever and related
hardware with light oil.
■ Remove the wheels and lubricate the surface of the
axle bolt and the inner surface of the wheel with light
■ Remove the blade and blade hub assembly and
lubricate the motor shaft with light oil or engine oil.
See Replacing the Cutting Blade for instructions on
removing the blade.
Always protect hands by wearing
heavy gloves and/or wrapping the cutting edges of the
blade with rags and other material when performing
blade maintenance. Failure to heed this warning could
result in serious personal injury.
Before performing any
maintenance, make sure the mower is unplugged from
the power supply. Failure to heed this warning could
result in serious personal injury.


Table of Contents

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