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Refrigerator Use; Opening And Closing Doors; Food Storage - Whirlpool 6WM24NIHAS Use And Care Manual

French door bottom mount refrigerator
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Opening and Closing Doors

There are two fresh food compartment doors. The doors can
be opened and closed either separately or together. There is a
vertically hinged seal on left refrigerator door.
When left-side door is opened, hinged seal automatically folds
inward so that it is out of the way.
When both doors are closed, the hinged seal automatically
forms a seal between two doors.
NOTE: When closing the door, the hinged seal should be in
correct position (be bent inside). Otherwise it will hit the right door
or the fixing shaft.
A. Hinged seal
The fresh food compartment door switch is located in top left and
right hinge cover.
For Freezer and Multi Temperature Zone, door switch is
located in the bottom mullion.
The door switch uses magnet to sense door opening/closing.
Ensure there are no magnet or electronic devices (Speaker,
etc.) within 7.62 cm of the hinge cap.
NOTE: The light will not turn on if door opening is not detected.
A. Hinge cover


Manual ice maker assembly can be taken out of the freezer when
ice is not required to make more compartment in freezer.
It is recommended to store eggs at a consistent temperature to
keep its freshness, so best is to keep them in the fridge on the
middle shelf.
Ice Maker
To make ice, fill ice tray with purified water and place Manual
Ice maker into Freezer top shelf. Allow time till ice gets formed
and once ice is ready, turn the knobs in clockwise direction to
eject ice cubes into the ice container.
Lift ice container slightly and pullout ice container to get
access to ice cubes.

Food Storage

Egg Storage

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