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Lighting The Refrigerator - Whirlpool 6WM24NIHAS Use And Care Manual

French door bottom mount refrigerator
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When Flexible Freezer set to -18°C or -20°C, both Flexible
Freezer temperature and Freezer temperature would be
cooled down to the colder setting whichever Freezer or
Flexible Freezer has.
Flexible Freezer compartment temperature might not be able
to reach -7°C when the ambient temperature is around 10°C
or colder.
When adjusting temperature set points, use the following
chart as a guide:
Refrigerator too cold
Refrigerator too warm
Freezer too cold
Freezer too warm/
too little ice
Fast Cool
The Fast Cool feature assists with periods of high refrigerator use,
full grocery loads, or temporarily warm room temperatures.
To turn on the Fast Cool feature, press and hold the
Refrigerator Temperature button
feature is activated, the Fast Cool icon will be illuminated. The
Fast Cool feature will remain on for 2 hours unless manually
turned off.
To manually turn off the Fast Cool feature, press and hold the
Refrigerator Temperature button
Cool icon will turn off when feature is not activated.
Adjusting refrigerator temperature will automatically turn off
the Fast Cool feature.
Fast Freeze
The amount of fresh food (in kg) that can be frozen in 24 hours is
indicated on the appliance rating plate.
Press Freezer Temperature button
Fast Freeze Indicator lights up), 24 hours before placing fresh
food in the freezer. After placing fresh food in the freezer, 24
hours on Fast Freeze function is generally sufficient; After 50
hrs the fast freeze function automatically deactivates.
To manually turn off the Fast Freeze feature, press and hold
the Freezer Temperature button
Freeze icon will turn off.
Adjusting the freezer temperature will automatically turn off
the Fast Freeze feature.
Holiday Mode
This mode is designed to avoid your appliance from wasting
energy during times when it's not in regular use (when you are in
holiday for example).
By selecting this function the temperature of fresh food
compartment will automatically be set to 12°C.
To use the Holiday mode, press mode button until Holiday
mode indicator is lit on the display.
To exit the Holiday mode, press the mode button until no
mode icon is lit on the display.
Adjusting the refrigerator temperature will automatically turn
off the Holiday Mode feature.
IMPORTANT: If this mode is selected then all food and drinks
must be removed from fresh food compartment.
Sound ON-OFF
Press button to activate/deactivate Sound Feedback.
Refrigerator setting 1° higher
Refrigerator setting 1° lower
Freezer setting 1° higher
Freezer setting 1° lower
for 3 seconds. When
for 3 seconds. The Fast
for 3 seconds (until the
for 3 seconds. The Fast
Key Lock
Press and hold the Lock button for 3 seconds to activate lock
To deactivate lock, press and hold the Lock button for 3
The lock feature will ignore all interaction with control panel until
the user unlocks the control panel. This feature is meant to avoid
unintentional changing of settings.
Demo Mode (only with WQ9 B1LUK, 6WM24NIHAS and
This mode is used when refrigerator is on display in a retail shop
or if you want to turn the cooling off and deactivate all other
functions (except interior lighting).
Demo mode can be used when going on extended holiday.
See the "Holiday and Moving Care" section for proper steps on
leaving your refrigerator in this mode for long periods of time.
If you turn on Demo mode, the "Demo" icon will light up on
the display.
Enter or exit Demo mode by pressing and holding the Sound
On or Off button and the Lock button simultaneously for 3
Additional features
Door Open Alarm
The Door Open Alarm feature sounds an alarm and blinks the
"Door Open" icon
when any of the four doors is open for 2
minutes or more.
The alarm will repeat every 5 minutes. Close all doors to turn
it off.
NOTE: To mute audible alarm while keeping the doors open,
such as while cleaning inside of refrigerator, touch any button on
control panel. The alarm sound will be temporarily turned off, but
the Door Open icon will still be displayed on the control panel.

Lighting the Refrigerator

The refrigerator has an interior light that comes on any time door
is opened.
NOTE: The light is LED which does not need to be replaced. If the
LED does not illuminate when the door is opened, call service to
replace light.

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