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Freezer Storage Compartments; Audio Reference; Accessories; Assistance Or Service - Whirlpool 6WM24NIHAS Use And Care Manual

French door bottom mount refrigerator
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Refrigerator Balconies
The balcony on your refrigerator door are adjustable to meet your
individual storage needs.

Freezer Storage Compartments

Freezer Tray
Freezer tray is useful to easily access frequently used products,
freeze or simply store leftovers or small items.
Freezer Drawers
Fast Freeze
Fast Freeze compartment
Fast Freezer drawers allows you to conveniently store big
volume items.
Fast Freeze option allows you to store all your frozen food
safely and transparently.
NOTE: Freezer temperature might be cooled down to be same as
Flexible Freezer Compartment temperature, when Freezer set to
warmer than Flexible Freezer compartment.
Flexi Freeze Compartment (only with WQ9 B1LUK,
6WM24NIHAS and WQ70900SXX)
Flexi Freeze Compartment allows you to select one of three
freezer temperature levels: -7°C, -12°C, -18°C and -20°C to
provide the best storing conditions for different types of food.
For maximum freezer capacity, you may remove the freezer
drawer to expose the freezer shelf.
To remove the upper drawer:
1. Grasp handle of the drawer and slide drawer straight out to
the stop. Lift drawer off the bottom guide.
2. Replace/putting back drawer by placing it on bottom drawer
guide and pushing it past drawer stop into position.
Freezer Shelf (only with WQ9 B1LUK)
To maximize freezer capacity, you may remove mid drawer to
expose freezer shelf beneath. You can then store upper drawer
and load food directly on top of the shelf.
Tone Assignment
Tone Name
Power On
Key Press
Invalid (Error)
This table is for quick reference only. See corresponding sections
Freezer Tray
for details. In case of inconsistency, section details will prevail.
To order accessories, contact the dealer from whom you
purchased your refrigerator.
Before calling for assistance or service, please check the
"Troubleshooting" section. It may save you the cost of a service
call. If you still need help, follow the instructions below.
If you need replacement parts
To locate factory-specified replacement parts in your area,
contact the dealer from whom you purchased your refrigerator.
Flexi Freeze
Contact the dealer from whom you purchased refrigerator for
warranty information.
Keep this book and your sales slip together for future
reference. You must provide proof of purchase or installation
date for in-warranty service.
Write down the following information about your appliance to help
you obtain assistance or service if you ever need it. You will need
to know your complete model number and serial number. You
can find this information on the model and serial number label,
located on the inside wall of the fresh food compartment.
Dealer name______________________________________________
Serial number_____________________________________________
Phone number____________________________________________
Model number____________________________________________
Purchase date_____________________________________________

Audio Reference

Usage Examples
Cooling system is turned on every time the
product is powered on.
User presses a valid button.
User presses two or more valid buttons at the
same time. Count-down interruption for press-
and-hold buttons.
Acknowledgement of entry into any mode.
Acknowledgement of exit from any mode.
Door Ajar alert.


Assistance or Service

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