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Washing Clothes Using The Cycle Selector - Samsung DC68-02657F User Manual

Samsung washer user manual
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Washing clothes using the cycle selector

Your new washer makes washing clothes easy, using Samsung's "Fuzzy Control" automatic
control system. When you select a wash program, the machine will set the correct temperature,
washing time, and washing speed.
1. Almost no customers will have the washer hooked up via the sink's tap.
2. Press the Power button.
3. Open the door.
4. Load the articles of clothing one at a time loosely into the tub, without overfilling it.
5. Close the door.
6. Add detergent, softener, and pre-wash detergent (if necessary) into the appropriate
Pre-wash is only available when selecting the Normal, Perm Press, Sanitize, Bedding,
Whites, and Heavy Duty cycles. It is only necessary if your clothing is heavily soiled(See
page 33).
7. Use the Cycle Selector to select the appropriate cycle according to the type of material:
The relevant indicators will illuminate on the control panel.
8. At this time, you can control the wash temperature, the number of rinse cycles, the spinning
speed, and the delay time by pressing the appropriate Option button.
9. Press the Start/Pause button on the Cycle Selector and the wash will begin. The process
indicator will light up and the remaining time for the cycle will appear in the display.
Pause Option
To unlock the door when the "Garment+" light is turned on, press the Start/Pause button.
1. Within 5 minutes of starting a wash, you can still add/remove laundry items to the wash.
2. Press the Start/Pause button to unlock the door.
3. The door cannot be opened when the water is too HOT or the water level is too HIGH.
4. After closing the door, press the Start/Pause button to restart the wash.
When the cycle is finished:
When the cycle is complete, "End" is displayed and the power remains on.
The power is turned off in the following two cases.
1. When the Power button is pressed.
2. If the door is opened when "End" is displayed.
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Table of Contents

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